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Crackers 3 Hindi Pdf Download

However, it is important to know the difference between the two. Hackers and crackers are different and work with different interests and objectives. The hackers can be simply termed as good people and crackers as the bad ones. Hackers protect the system from malicious attacks, whereas crackers are the one which attacks the system and pose as a threat.

Crackers 3 hindi pdf download

Now, as we have learnt of hackers, crackers are also hackers. Crackers also have the same knowledge of the systems, programming and coding as the hackers do. They also perform the same activities as hackers do. However, their objective is of breaking the system and network to gain unauthorized access. This is the main difference between hacker and cracker. The activity performed by crackers is illegal. They use their coding and programming knowledge to get personal and financial gains, steal data, destroy data or even delete crucial data.

Crackers are also known as Black Hats or the evildoers. Their activities are focused on gaining access to various programmes and software without paying for the same or proving their capacities. Various different types of crackers are wannabes and d00dzs amongst others. Crackers could also steal your bank details and transfer money from your bank account. The crackers have less knowledge of the system, yet their threat is imminent and cannot be overlooked.

Now it is very much clear that there are a lot of dissimilarities between hackers and crackers, and one should not use them interchangeably. The main difference between hackers and crackers can be observed through the following points:

We can conclude that hackers protect the system from any kind of damage or unauthorized access, whereas crackers are those who try to gain illegal access to the system with their morally ill deeds. The white hats perform the security tests according to a legal contract. The black hats do not follow any such agreement.

The two terms are usually used quite interchangeably, while the difference between the two is quite big. Nowadays, various issues of system securities are coming up, and crackers pose a threat to internet security. The difference between hacker and cracker is the manner in which they tend to work. Hence, we must know the difference between the two and remember to do hacking and never go towards cracking.

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