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We are not alone.

Our Policy on Harassment



With the Covid-19 pandemic winding down, our venue is beginning to return to normal business, with diverse customers visiting us everyday.




The challenging time during the pandemic made us look at ourselves and see our shortcomings as a music venue.




With various cases of harassment being reported in the nightlife industry, even a small venue like us must bring ourselves up to date with the heightened sense of respect for individuality and diversity worldwide, review and renew our manuals for prevention of harassment so that every visitor feels comfortable and secure. Also we are asking every event organizer and artist to agree to our policy on harassment to together create a warm and safe environment.



To the visitors, we ask kindly to continue to respect the artists performances.



We will continue to strive to create a space where everyone who shares a moment here respects each other.



代表  ナパーム片岡


Measures against Harassment



We will announce our basic stance on measures against all forms of harassment as stated in our policy above.



We will create a harassment prevention team within our organization to prevent and, in case a harassment incident occurs, to stop and solve the problem immediately and work on how to prevent further occurences.



We will create am anti-harassment manual and educate our staff based on it.



カスタマーサポート連絡先 (担当:諏訪、片岡)

Please notify our staff if you feel you’re being harassed, or email our customer support at  (Suwa, Kataoka) if you cannot report it then.



We will share our policy on harassment with event organizers when they first get in touch with us and we will cooperate with each other to create a safe environment. 



We will install CCTV cameras at the venue to be able to review what has happened if a harassment incident occurs. The recorded footage will be used solely to review and solve the incidents and we will ensure it will be secured to the highest standards of privacy protections.



We will be in constant touch with our lawyers and local police department so that they will readily support us if a harassment incident occurs.

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