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Where to Watch Riwayat hai Full Movie Online for Free - Best Streaming Sites

Riwayat hai: A Movie on Female Foeticide in India

Female foeticide is a serious social problem that affects millions of girls in India. It is the practice of aborting or killing female fetuses or infants because of a preference for sons. According to some estimates, there are about 100 million girls missing in the world due to this practice. Female foeticide not only violates the human rights of girls, but also leads to gender imbalance, violence, and other social evils.

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One movie that tackles this issue head-on is Riwayat hai, a Hindi drama film that was released in 2012. Directed by Vijay Patkar and produced by Horizon Films Pvt Ltd, Riwayat hai tells the story of Anita, a NGO activist who fights against female foeticide in a remote village. The movie exposes the harsh realities of this practice and its impact on women, families, and society. It also shows how Anita faces resistance and challenges from various quarters, including her own marital family.

In this article, we will give you a brief summary of the plot, cast, and crew of Riwayat hai. We will also share some reviews from critics and audiences, as well as the box office performance and awards of the movie. Finally, we will tell you where you can watch Riwayat hai online legally and for free.

Plot Summary

Anita (Samapika Debnath) is a dynamic young lady who works for an NGO towards the welfare of children. She gets married to Raj (Khalid Siddiqui), the handsome younger son of a wealthy industrialist Mr. Desai (Saurabh Dubey). Soon after marriage, she moves to Raj's ancestral village Gangapur, where she discovers that female foeticide is rampant among the villagers. They consider girl child a burden and do not hesitate to get rid of them before or after birth.

Being a NGO activist and a good human being, Anita decides to fight against this evil practice and stop it. She tries to educate and empower the women of the village, especially Radha (Gauri Kulkarni), a pregnant woman who works as a cook in her house. She also confronts the cynical doctor (Rajendra Gupta) who performs illegal abortions, the corrupt police officer (Aditya Lakhia) who turns a blind eye to the crime, and the sleazy sarpanch (Narendra Jha) who exploits the villagers.

Anita's crusade against female foeticide does not go well with her father-in-law, who is a staunch patriarch and wants only grandsons to carry his name forward. He puts pressure on Raj to have a son with Anita, and also tries to sabotage her efforts in the village. He even arranges for Radha's husband Gangaram (Aditya Lakhia) to be falsely accused of murder and sent to jail.

Anita faces opposition not only from her in-laws, but also from her husband, who becomes a weak-willed puppet under his father's influence. He starts doubting Anita's loyalty and love for him, and even suspects her of having an affair with Kabir (Narendra Jha), a journalist who supports her cause.

Meanwhile, Anita becomes pregnant herself and finds out that she is carrying a girl child. She is overjoyed, but fears for her baby's safety in such a hostile environment. She also has to defend Gangaram in court and prove his innocence.

Will Anita be able to save her daughter and Radha's daughter from being killed? Will she be able to expose the culprits behind the female foeticide racket? Will she be able to win back her husband's trust and love? Will she be able to bring a positive change in the village and society? These are some of the questions that Riwayat hai tries to answer in its gripping and emotional climax.

Cast and Crew

Riwayat hai boasts of a talented and experienced cast and crew who have done justice to their roles and responsibilities. Here are some of the key members of the team:



Vijay Patkar

Director, writer, and co-producer

Samapika Debnath

Anita, the protagonist and NGO activist

Khalid Siddiqui

Raj, Anita's husband and Mr. Desai's son

Saurabh Dubey

Mr. Desai, Raj's father and a wealthy industrialist

Gauri Kulkarni

Radha, a pregnant woman who works as a cook for Anita

Rajendra Gupta

The doctor who performs illegal abortions

Aditya Lakhia

The police officer who is corrupt and supports the doctor

Narendra Jha

The sarpanch who is sleazy and exploits the villagers; also plays Kabir, a journalist who helps Anita

Achint Kaur

Mrs. Desai, Raj's mother and Mr. Desai's wife

Salil Ankola

Anita's father who is supportive of her cause






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