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Oliver Myers

Roland Piano Vst Xp80

Acoustic & Analog Essentials - Replace those overly bright, synthetic sounding Roland presets with the finest acoustic emulations and analog synth sounds available for this synth. Most of these Patches and Performances make extensive use of your keyboard's aftertouch and controller slider 1 for maximum expression. Volume 1 covers a huge range of timbres including acoustic, electric, and synth pianos, acoustic, analog, solo and ensemble strings, acoustic and analog brass, woodwinds, upright, bowed, electric, and Moog basses, fat synth pads, bells, tuned percussion, polyphonic and mono synth leads, and even some specialty sounds such as THX, 4ths Chord, PitchedNoiz, and much much more! The Performances include super-useful keyboard / bass splits that are great for the gigging keyboardist, as well as some gorgeous synth pads and acoustic layers. PATCHMAN MUSIC's Acoustic & Analog Essentials is a complete collection of 160 highly usable sounds designed for the serious performing and recording musician. 5 stars. Please note: This product is not an expansion card. These sounds are Patches and Performances that are loaded into the USER bank in this synth.

roland piano vst xp80

Download Zip:

Wow an xp80 i had one of those in the late 90s, great keyboard.To answer your question from my perspective is yes computers and gig performer is very reliable as long as you set your live rig up right with enough cpu power, ramm, good plugins and a good audio interface.As for sound i have used in the pass roland xp 80s, yamaha motifs, a few different stage pianos and currently use a kurzweil pc3k8 as a controller. Overall i prefer the sounds from my vsts and could never go back.

What I like in Gig Performer is that you can of course use your plugins live, but you can also control any MIDI hardware synth or even include easily a vintage electric piano in your rig, control its volume and add plugin effects to it.

The VR-09 is a powerful electric piano that comes loaded with very organic sounding patches including piano, organ, and basses. This is a very powerful instrument that comes with 9 sliders for tone and effect shaping.

The FP-30X is the new improved version of one of my favorite mid-level digital pianos, the FP-30. Built with a solid key-bed and impressive piano sounds, the FP-30X provides pianists with everything they need for an affordable price.

The key-action is also going to be very important when playing a keyboard. The good thing is that a Roland keyboard has incredible action. It is almost like playing a grand piano with the way the keys spring back to your fingers.

This unit is much more expensive than a universal pedal, however, it is quality if you want your keyboard or digital piano to have the same pedals on an acoustic piano. Many people really enjoy this, but this is not something that you need by any means.

The amplifier simulations are really good. These are perfect when combined with the electric piano sounds. I was already satisfied with the Wurlitzer presets, but running the sounds through amplifier simulations make things even more great.

I guess it comes down to what you need. If you want further recommendations, knowing what you want to do apart from piano practice might help. For instance, are you looking into recording or basic sound design? Or do you just want a good selection of sounds to expand your playing style?

The price of Juno DS is a joke in 2020. 256MB memory? The good-sounding piano takes 512MB alone. 32MB user samples? LOL!You can now buy a laptop and usb keyboard for same money and have 100x more capabilities with freely available DAWs and sample packs.

Synth1 Godly Famous Bank: New Wave'n 80sA hit collection of the best famous 80's sounds for Synth1 VST.Eurythmics, Human League, Nena, Europe, The Cure, Duran Duran, Queen, Depeche Mode, Prince, Simple Minds, Gary Numan, Yazoo, typical D-50 sounds, and many more !All sounds without any extra processing directly from Synth1. Download Synth1 for free here.Demo video:SoundcloudPresets: 001 º Ba:SweetDreams 2 Arp *SG*002 º Ld: SweetDreams 2 (mw=solo) *SG - Sweet fat Dreams Eurythmics003 º Ba: Relax Bass FGTH *SG* - Franky Goes To Hollywood004 º Ld: Being Boiled *SG* - Human League005 º St: 99 Luftballons String *SG* - Nena Strings006 º Br: 99 Prophet Brass *SG* - Nena Brass007 º Br: Final Europe *SG* - Final Countdown008 º Str: Forest strings *SG* - Cure009 º Fx: Forest Hit *SG* - Cure 010 º Ld: Blondie CallMe Organ *SG* - Bridge Organs011 º Ld: Blondie CallMe Lead *SG* - Solo Lead012 º Ld: Blue Mondays *SG* - New Order013 º Ld: Duran Prayer Sqrs *SG* - Duran Duran Save a Prayer014 º St: Duran Prayer Strings *SG* - Duran Duran Save a Prayer015 º Ld: Donna Hot Stuff *SG* - Donna Summer Lead synth016 º Br: Donna FazerBrazz *SG* - Ideal for Moroder songs017 º Ba: I Feel Donna *SG* - Moroder bass018 º Ba: Abba bass *SG* - Fat bass019 º Br: Abba Polymoog Brass *SG* - Summer night cities020 º Kb: Abba Eagle Polymoog *SG* - Eagle intro021 º Ld: Abba Gimme Lead *SG*022 º Ld: Blondie Denis *SG*023 º Ba: Numan Cars bass *SG*024 º Ld: Numan Cars Intro *SG*025 º Ld: Numan Cars Vox Humana *SG*026 º Ld: NumanFrndsVx(mw=porta)*SG* - Vox humana027 º Or: Queen Break Free Orgn *SG* - Cathedral synth organ028 º Ld: Queen BreakFree Lead *SG* - Not easy to emulate on Synth1029 º Br: Just Can't Get Enough *SG* - Depeche Mode030 º Sy: JustCan'tGetEngh Solo *SG* - Depeche Mode031 º Ba: Don'tUWantMeBB Bass *SG* - Fat intro bass032 º Br: Don'tUWantMeBB Horn *SG* - Typical 80s horn033 º Ar: Headhunter Arp *SG* - Front242034 º Ld: Headhunter Lead *SG* - Front242035 º Ba: Front242 Headhunt *SG* - Front242036 º Br: Yazoo Don't Go *SG* - Clean version037 º Br: Yazoo Don't Go Mix *SG* - Mix version038 º Sy: Yazoo Sweep *SG*039 º Arp: Yazoo Don'tGo *SG*040 º St: Wide Analog Strings *SG*041 º Pd: Vienna Saw *SG* - Complete Ultravox set042 º Ld: Vienna Lead (mw) *SG* - Complete Ultravox set043 º St: Vienna Strings *SG* - Complete Ultravox set044 º Pd: Vienna Saw *SG* - Complete Ultravox set045 º Fx: ViennaHit *SG* - Complete Ultravox set046 º Ld: Ultravox Lead *SG* - Complete Ultravox set047 º St: Classical Strings *SG*048 º St: OBx Film Strings *SG*049 º St: OBx HI Strings *SG*050 º Br: Toto Africa Brass *SG*051 º Br: D-50 Brss StraightUp *SG* - Paula Abdul brass052 º Br: True Brass *SG* - Spandau Ballet 053 º Ba: PWM Push It Bass *SG* -Salt'n Peppa054 º Ba: Darkness Bass Arp *SG* - Anne Clark055 º Sy: Sleeper intro *SG* - Anne Clark056 º Sy: Money 4 Nothing Drone *SG* - Dire Straits057 º Sy: Eisbaer blipblip *SG* - Grauzone058 º Ld: Eisbaer Lead *SG* - Grauzone059 º Pn: DX Piano PAD *SG*060 º Ld: Fade2Grey (mw=port) *SG* - Visage061 º St: Fa2Grey Strings *SG* - Visage062 º Pn: Young Turks Organ *SG* - Rod Steward063 º Br: Young Turks Brs *SG* - Rod Steward064 º Pn: Young Turks Piano *SG* - Rod Steward065 º St: Solina's strings *SG*066 º Or: Solina ShootShotPhasr *SG* - Devine067 º Or: Solina's organ *SG*068 º Or: Friends Organ *SG* - Justice vs. Symian069 º Or: Let's Go Crazy Orgn *SG* - Prince070 º St: 1999 Strings *SG* - Prince071 º Ba: Top Gun FM Bass *SG* - Moroder072 º Ba: Kids America 166bpm *SG* -Kim Wilde Set073 º Fx: Kids Am Steam 166bpm *SG*074 º St: Kids America Strings *SG*075 º Pc: Kids America Perc *SG*076 º Ld: Kids America Lead *SG*077 º Ld: Pro-53 Lead078 º Pc: BeatIt FM chime *SG*079 º Vo: BeatIt Voices *SG*080 º Or: Won't let you down *SG*081 º Sy: Don't you Lead *SG* - Simple Minds082 º Pc: Toto Africa Marimba * SG*083 º Sy: Sleeper ARP *SG* - Anne Clark084 º St: Sleeper Strings *SG* - Anne Clark085 º Kb: Kiss Clavi - Prince086 º Str: Atomic Phaser Str *SG* - Blondie087 º Arp: Atomic 136bpm *SG* - Blondie088 º Br: 80sUptownFnkRise *SG* - Bruno Mars097 º Br: D-50 Brass Oct *SG* - typical Roland D-50 098 º Br: D-50 Brass *SG* - typical Roland D-50 099 º Fx: Soundtracker (mw,at) *SG* - typical Roland D-50 Soundtrack100 º Pn: DX Piano PAD *SG* - Nice DX piano..

Listen to samples in MP3 format:I-2 001, A-01 Pf: Le GRAND I-2 002, A-02 Pf: LeBRITE I-2 003, A-03 Pf: l'ELETRIQ I-2 004, A-04 Pf: LeWESTERN I-2 005, A-05 Pf: EP:Rhodes68 I-2 006, A-06 Pf: EP:DX7glassy I-2 007, A-07 Pf: Harpsichord I-2 008, A-08 Pf: Clavinet I-2 009, A-09 Pf: Celesta I-2 010, A-10 Cp: Glocken I-2 011, A-11 Cp: Music Box I-2 012, A-12 Cp: Vibes I-2 013, A-13 Cp: Marimba I-2 014, A-14 Cp: Xylophone I-2 015, A-15 Cp: Tubular Bell I-2 016, A-16 Cp: Santur I-2 017, B-01 Or: Draw Organ I-2 018, B-02 Or: Perc Organ I-2 019, B-03 Or: Rock Organ I-2 020, B-04 Or: Church Organ I-2 021, B-05 Or: Reed Organ I-2 022, B-06 Rd: Accordion I-2 023, B-07 Ld: BluesHarmoni I-2 024, B-08 Or: TangoAccordn I-2 025, B-09 Gt: Nylon Git I-2 026, B-10 Gt: Steelstr. Gt I-2 027, B-11 Gt: Jazz Guitar I-2 028, B-12 Gt: Clean/Dist I-2 029, B-13 Gt: Muted/Dist I-2 030, B-14 Gt: Over Driver I-2 031, B-15 Gt: Distorted I-2 032, B-16 Gt: Gt.Harmonics I-2 033, C-01 Ba: Aco.Bass I-2 034, C-02 Ba: FingrD Bass I-2 035, C-03 Ba: Pickr Bass I-2 036, C-04 Ba: Fretlesssss I-2 037, C-05 Ba: Round Slap I-2 038, C-06 Ba: Hard Slap I-2 039, C-07 Ba: Syn:TB-303 I-2 040, C-08 Ba: Syn:FM I-2 041, C-09 St: Violin/Pizz I-2 042, C-10 St: Viola I-2 043, C-11 St: Cello I-2 044, C-12 St: Contrabass I-2 045, C-13 St: Suspenz I-2 046, C-14 St: Pizzicato I-2 047, C-15 St: Harp I-2 048, C-16 Pc: Tympanic I-2 049, D-01 St: Strings Orch I-2 050, D-02 St: Strings Film I-2 051, D-03 St: Syn:Oberheim I-2 052, D-04 St: Syn:CS80 I-2 053, D-05 En: AaaaTalk I-2 054, D-06 En: Ooooeez I-2 055, D-07 En: Vox Emu/Melo I-2 056, D-08 En: Orkestra HIT I-2 057, D-09 Br: Trumpet Brt I-2 058, D-10 Br: Trombone Brt I-2 059, D-11 Br: Deep Tuba I-2 060, D-12 Br: Muty Trumpet I-2 061, D-13 Br: France Horn I-2 062, D-14 Br: BrassSection I-2 063, D-15 Br: Syn:Jupiter I-2 064, D-16 Br: Syn:Moog I-2 065, E-01 Rd: Sax:Soprano I-2 066, E-02 Rd: Sax:Alto I-2 067, E-03 Rd: Sax:Tenor I-2 068, E-04 Rd: Sax:Bariton I-2 069, E-05 Rd: EauBou I-2 070, E-06 Rd: Engl.Horn I-2 071, E-07 Rd: Faggot I-2 072, E-08 Rd: Clarinette I-2 073, E-09 Pi: Piccolo I-2 074, E-10 Pi: Flute Forte I-2 075, E-11 Pi: Recorder I-2 076, E-12 Pi: Pan Flute I-2 077, E-13 Pi: BottleBlow I-2 078, E-14 Pi: ShakuMonk I-2 079, E-15 Pi: Whistle I-2 080, E-16 Pi: Ocarina I-2 081, F-01 Ld: MillerSquare I-2 082, F-02 Ld: HardSaw I-2 083, F-03 Ld: Syn Calliope I-2 084, F-04 Ld: Chiffer Lead I-2 085, F-05 Ld: Charang Lead I-2 086, F-06 Ld: Voice Lead I-2 087, F-07 Ld: Fifth*Root I-2 088, F-08 Ld: Bass x Lead I-2 089, F-09 Pd: The NewAged I-2 090, F-10 Pd: Warm Spirit I-2 091, F-11 Pd: PolyXynth I-2 092, F-12 Pd: Choir Love I-2 093, F-13 Pd: Bowl Therapy I-2 094, F-14 Pd: MetalWire I-2 095, F-15 Pd: Halo Pad I-2 096, F-16 Pd: SweePeace I-2 097, G-01 Fx: Rain I-2 098, G-02 Fx: D50 Soundtrk I-2 099, G-03 Fx: Krystal I-2 100, G-04 Fx: Atmosfeer I-2 101, G-05 Fx: Brightness I-2 102, G-06 Fx: Godyns&Geeks I-2 103, G-07 Fx: EchO O o o . I-2 104, G-08 Fx: Sci-Fi I-2 105, G-09 Et: Flour@Power I-2 106, G-10 Et: Banjo I-2 107, G-11 Et: Shamisen I-2 108, G-12 Et: Koto I-2 109, G-13 Cp: Mbira I-2 110, G-14 Et: ScotlandYard I-2 111, G-15 Et: Fiddle I-2 112, G-16 Et: Shanai I-2 113, H-01 Pc: Tinkle Bell I-2 114, H-02 Pc: Agogo I-2 115, H-03 Pc: Steel Drum I-2 116, H-04 Pc: Woodblock I-2 117, H-05 Pc: Taiko Drum I-2 118, H-06 Pc: Melodic Tom I-2 119, H-07 Pc: Synth Drum I-2 120, H-08 Pc: ReverseCymbl I-2 121, H-09 Se: Fret Noise I-2 122, H-10 Se: Breath Noise I-2 123, H-11 Se: Seashore I-2 124, H-12 Se: Tweet I-2 125, H-13 Se: Telephone I-2 126, H-14 Se: AugustaScndl I-2 127, H-15 Se: 15menVsCrowd I-2 128, H-16 Se: Fanfar West Presenting my GM Deluxe set for the Yamaha Ex5: Do we need to explain the need for a decent GM soundset? A GM set is always very handy to look up a certain voice very fast. On stage and in a studio. It's a collection of the voices you'll need the most in any kind of music style. It's a shame they're mostly disrespectfully worked out. So I handled them with tons of respect !These voices are reshaped to be most useful for the Ex5. Since the EX5 isn't a Midi-monster, I find the midi-standard could play a better role. GM Deluxe isn't a traditional GM set. You'll find these voices very much resembling to the original GM set. But with their own charactère. All voices use the original waves from the yamaha GM set as found on .I also tried to recreate as much as possible the original sounds. So you'll find a Rhodes piano, a Blues Harmonica, Clean/distorted guitars, Orchestral and symphonic strings,... Classic Analog synths such as Yamaha CS, Moog, TB303 Bass, FM Bass, ... The effects and pads add lot's of drama to compositions. Many of the sounds have lots of controllers, so don't forget to twitch them !FeaturesGreat acoustic piano's. The acoustic piano is created after the GodynGrand v2. I also added a realistic honky-tonk piano. Realistic acoustic basses with modulation.Symphonic instruments can be very smooth or can be bright and forté.All voices created with as few as possible elements for better polyphonic use.Different versions of one voice under the controllers such as original/distorted/wahwah/tremolo rhodes, original/blues harmonica, feedback/distorted/phaser guitar, ... (compared with GM2 standard), synth/realistic human voices,...All voices use beautiful effects, but sound great without also f.e. in a mix. Controllers add more effects.Very dynamic voices. For a better realistic play, I programmed lot's of dynamic range in filters and amplifiers. Play them gentle or heavy. Staccato or legato. F.e. the mute guitar will sound shorter when played at low velocity.Realistic voice-play thru controllers (aftertouch, controllers,...) The MW1 is mostly assigned to vibrato. But unlike other GM voices, instruments that don't use a simple vibrato give you the original vibrato timbre they should. Think of a violin, vibraphone, rhodes piano,...All voices shaped after original instrumentsThe complete set fit's 2 floppy disks. And uses 1Mb of sample data...




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