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Nokia 6303 Classic Driver Software 18 'LINK'

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nokia 6303 classic driver software 18

After you have a breakout board for the LCD connector, you must connect it to your circuit. There are 10 pins on the connector, one is unused. The LCD has four control signals (Clock, Data, Reset, Chip Select), two 3.3V inputs, two grounds, and a backlight input. The LCD driver circuitry runs on 3.3V as do the control signals. However, the backlight requires a higher voltage around 7V. Using a 1K ohm resistor between the backlight power and a 12V power supply seems to work well, the voltage is around 6-6.5V which makes it bright enough to use.Pinout:1: Vcc (3.3V)2: Reset3: Data4: Clock5: Chip Select6: Vcc (3.3V)7: Unused (Not Connected)8: Ground9: Ground (Backlight LED -)10: Backlight LED +Since the LCD protocol is 9-bit SPI, you cannot use the hardware SPI interface found on many microcontrollers (including the AVR series microcontrollers) as they often only support 8-bit mode. This means that you will probably have to implement a software SPI output. Electrically, this means you can connect the four control lines to any unused I/O pins on your microcontroller. Your microcontroller must be running at 3.3V to connect the lines directly, otherwise add 10K ohm resistors on each line to limit the current going into the LCD.

I read that it can be easily controlled via any 3 wire interface (which I am planning to software implement with a sort of loop till get a kind of 9-bit serial with enable/disable) in the datasheet, but as it's the driver datasheet it only shows the whole driver IC pinout instead of the 10 pin nokia LCD connector. I don't know how to connect it, I am afraid of damaging it. The display is currently working (with the phone) so if I could connect it, then it should work or show anything more than a black background.

i am doing a project on high speed photography controller. in which i have to interface nokia 6100 lcd with the ATMEGA 32 IC for setting parameters. i have the nokia 6100 LCD, but have few do i turn the display on?2.could you please give detail description as to which pin is connected to which component.3. the detailed driver e-mail id is: johnmarshall619@gmail.comawaiting immediate response. thank you. 350c69d7ab




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