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Caleb Richardson
Caleb Richardson

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joe male in a wheelchair since birth. with a titanium hip, joe can walk when he needs to, but he prefers to be carried. he will make his living on the streets until he succeeds at striking it rich with an internet game. he is about 12 years old. in life joe wants to be a cheerleader. he also wants to be a patron of the arts. he does not really want to be joe.

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percival james male percival is a cheerful, smarmy guy. he believes in love and friendship, and he is all about spreading the love. he is a villain, a moral relativist, a homosexual and a communist. he likes to cheat. his parents were killed in the crash. he used to be a doctor, but his license to practice was revoked. he is very good at his job. he wants to be president of the united states. he is over 30 years old. percival also really likes percival.

tadpole male tadpole is the captain of the cheerleaders. he wears the "alpha male" colors. his role is that of a cheerleader in the sense that he does lots of jumping around and yelling. he is in his 20's. tadpole is a triathlete. he graduated from school recently. he always talks about the future, i.e. his ideas about life, and this is one of his ideas: he wants to be a junior senator. if he can be a junior senator, he could be a senior senator.

for a moment, harry lies on his back, and feels the cool air swirl around him, and lets himself believe that he has won the triwizard tournament. soon, however, his heart starts to pound and his stomach begins to hurt, and he is no longer sure he wants to be the hero. suddenly, there is a knock on his door, and there stands the ugly giant hagrid. harry is about to ask what he wants, and flee for his life, but hagrid introduces himself, and tells harry that he is there to bring him to meet professor dumbledore. fearing a repeat of his dreams last night, harry starts to refuse, but hagrid tells him that dumbledore wants to see him, and that he can be sure that dumbledore isnt going to harm him. in his dream, he hesitates, and cannot make his feet move. then suddenly he hears hagrid's voice behind him: harry potter is it you. [harry grunts a little, as if in agreement.] "yes," replies hagrid, "yes it is" he picks harry up, and sets him down on the floor, and tells him that dumbledore is in his study, and has called him in. "come on," says hagrid.




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