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Truliant Auto Buying Service

CUABS is available online 24/7 anytime so you can research and shop for vehicles when it's most convenient. Truliant is committed to providing the products and services members need to strengthen their finances and improve their lives.(1) Credit Union Auto Buying Service (CUABS) powered by TrueBuy is an independent NC-licensed automobile dealer not owned or operated by Truliant.

truliant auto buying service

By coming to the CUDL AutoSMART website, you have taken the first step in helping yourself to find a better deal on your next vehicle purchase. By taking advantage of the information and resources available on the website we hope to make your auto buying experience easier and more satisfying, as well

You may qualify for discounts to the rates published on the Truliant website. These may include a 0.25% rate discount for purchasing a car through the Truliant car buying service or a discount for making a substantial down payment. The maximum discount you can receive is 0.50%.

CUABS is part dealership, part concierge service. Their goal is to make purchasing your next vehicle hassle and haggle-free. The auto buying service is staffed by CUABS Auto Advisors who utilize all of their abilities, connections and persistence to track down your next vehicle and get you the best deal. 041b061a72




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