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BRF - BDSMargiela MIX

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Recording from Body Xtra feat. Madteo (M.A.D.T.E.O. / Sähkö / WANIA) at forestlimit, Tokyo on Apr. 22nd (Mon), 2019.

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Shout-Out to ☞ All the dancers at forestlimit, @sahko, @mikavainio, @muddy-waters-official, @enlightenedwax, @restorationberlin, @theanaloguecops, @lucretio, @sophatmixes, WANIA, @skatebard, Digitalo Enterprises, @stallone-the-reducer, @fit, Ronet Records, @nicolewillisofficial & Umo, @wordsoundipowa, WordSound Recordings, Roots Control feat. @lillian-allen, @roir, @lb-aka-labat, @groovedge, @dj-sentiments, @dynamo-dreesen / SVN / @2562amadeupsound, @stinkelwerm, Acido Records, PG Sounds, SUED Records, @terence-trent-darby, @lee-scratch-perry, Well Red, @george-clinton-official, @soundsignature, @theoparrish, @environrecords, Morgan Geist, @kelley-polar, @nas1, @madteo, @kirakiramushamusha, @nozo-diskomo and forestlimit crew.


出演: マヘル シャラル ハシュ バズ、ジジキ、マコメロジー、PAN, 小山景子、鈴木健雄クインテット​ (TZITZIKI)


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