WAIFU with ANiIIIIiiiKii @ The Lot Radio 04-04-2021

This is the audio version.Reprinted from the official website.

WAIFU is a queer party in Tokyo that aims to be an intimate, safe space designed to be enjoyed by all kinds of open-minded people, regardless of gender, sexuality, race or age.

This month's guest is all-vinyl maestro ANiIIIIiiiKii. A mainstay of the Tokyo scene since the mid-90s, she masterfully mixes together early house and new releases with a focus on Black music and thick, groovy bangers. She honed her digging skills while working in 3 different record stores. After a hiatus, she has been more active since late 2019 which saw her touring Korea twice and starting her own new party with Keita Kawakami.

This show was recorded at Forestlimit in Tokyo with eetee as VJ.

@waifu_party @aniiiiiiiikii @eetee @forestlimit_info

@aniiiiiiiikii www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSjTrE4p4SI


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