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Lesson 2 Homework Practice Numerical Expressions Answers Fixed

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Lesson 2 Homework Practice Numerical Expressions Answers Fixed

As a group, students can also generate factorizations of expressions: (x + 2)(x + 3) = (x + 6)x + 2x + 9. In fact, they can do this with the quadratic equation a x2 + b x 2 + c = 0, which is the case for expressions a = 3, b = 7, and c = -2. Adding the constant to the variable, they can factor x out to get x(a x 2 + b x 2 + c = 0). When students use expressions to factor and then replace that factor with x, the resulting expression is equal to a x2 + b x 2 + c. Once students grasp this, they should be able to use it to factor and simplify other expressions. For example, they could factor the quadratic, with a = 2 and b = 3, to get x(x2 + c) = x(x2 + 9) = x(x2 + 3)(x + 3), and then replace x with -3 to get x(-3)(x2 + 9) = x(-3)2 + 3x - 27, and finally replace the 2 with x so that it becomes 3x - 27.

To make this concrete, we will construct an expression that is not equivalent to any other expression. Students will evaluate the expressions for the same input value. When they are done, they will be able to compare the expressions, but not to replicate the expressions. Once they have a concrete understanding of the concept, they will be able to explain that a variable is really about position, and that, because the expressions are different, the variable must be different.

At some point, students will decide to compare expressions visually. They will want to compare the two expressions by inserting the same number into each. They will realize that the expressions are equivalent, which will make them reflect on the role of the variable. In doing so, they will begin to see that the value of a variable is not just a number, but a vector. The value is not really about the number, but about the position of the value of the variable in the expression. The position of the value of the variable in the expression is what determines the meaning of the expression.

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