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Also, on the Sony Wave Hammer Plugin 13 I get this warning There's a problem with your project. This might be caused by incorrect combination of plugins, or wrong settings on Sony Wave Hammer caused by its presets. All presets are saved inside the folder: FX 2. So you should compare them carefully. The settings in the project (see the bottom of options when Wave Hammer is configured in dialog window, or in the dialog window) is defined by the default settings in the default project. After opening the project, you can select another default project (Ctrl+A) and make sure that the settings in that project are the same as the one in this project.

The problem I experienced was on a project where used Wave Hammer on the master audio bus. If I bypass the plugin, it goes away. If I choose another plugin, like Vegas Compressor, that works fine. But, I really like Wave Hammer and have many custom settings d2c66b5586




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