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[S1E15] That Wrestling Show

As a daily feature, WWE Network News posts a comprehensive list of everything that took place on this day in wrestling history. Or at least everything that is currently available to watch on the WWE Network. This list is courtesy of our friends on the Reddit version of WWE Network Bot.

[S1E15] That Wrestling Show

Excited over the reunion, Sokka and Katara share stories about their tribe, but they unintentionally leave Aang out, causing him to feel excluded. In the meantime, in a rowdy bar, June is arm wrestling a rather muscular man as the crowd cheers. Zuko walks in, pushing people out of his way and shouting, while Iroh follows in his wake, apologizing to his nephew's victims. Zuko pulls up next to June and demands to speak with her. She briefly acknowledges his and Iroh's presence by addressing them as "angry boy" and "uncle lazy" before beating her opponent in the arm wrestling match and starting to collect the money people threw onto the table for her victory. Zuko declares that her beast trashed his ship, and he wants to be reimbursed. Although she just collected quite some money from her arm wrestling match, June claims that she is "short on money" before buying drinks for the entire bar. Zuko grabs her hand and gets in her face, claiming that he was not requesting money. Outside, the prince hands June Katara's necklace and states that he needs June to find someone, to which June sarcastically asks if he is looking for his girlfriend. Zuko ignores the jab and states that it is not the girl he is after but the bald monk traveling with her. He adds that if she finds them, he will consider the damage to his ship paid for. June is not interested and starts to walk away, though when Iroh offers to pay her weight in gold, she accepts under the condition that the price is changed to Iroh's weight in gold, causing Iroh to laugh and agree.

It's The 2022 One Nation Radio Awards. The eleventh annual show celebrates some of the best and worst of professional wrestling in 2022. The nominees almost entirely come from the promotions we cover throughout the year: AEW, NJPW, Stardom and WWE. Then, we give out our 10 favorite matches in all of 2022. Thank you for supporting One Nation Radio over the years. Enjoy the show! 041b061a72




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