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With sales, operations, and distribution networks around the globe, ChampionX Artificial Lift is the only lift provider that offers all types of downhole equipment and industry-leading automation and optimization hardware and software to every major oil and gas market in the world.

UNBRIDLED ESP Systems specializes in fully engineered downhole equipment and industry-leading controls and automation technology designed to help you meet or exceed your production targets at optimal operating costs.

The QB3 Cell and Tissue Facility (CTAF), located in Stanley Hall, provides a full service cell culture room with equipment and instrumentation for researchers to grow and assess mammalian cells to further their research. Instruments include flow cytometry, Luminex Xmap multiplex immunoassay system, qPCR, hypoxia chambers, micromanipulator, protein quantification, and liquid handling automation. There are microscopes for fixed and live cell automated epifluorescence, confocal, and multiphoton imaging. Tissue related instrumentation includes cryostats, sliding microtome, paraffin-embedding equipment, and histology processing and staining setup.

The High-Throughput Screening Facility (HTSF), located in the Li Ka Shing Center for Biomedical and Health Sciences, this facility is unique in providing researchers hands-on access to liquid handling automation in a core facility environment. Expert staff provide training on use of the cell culturing space, automated liquid handling, automated plate reader and high-throughput, high-content Opera Phenix confocal microscope with robotics for any size multi-conditional screening and validation experiments. The microscope provides high quality single or Z-stack images of 2D/3D based multi-well plate and slides with followup software tools for complex image analysis and bioinformatics assessment. We assist with some siRNA and arrayed CRISPR screening reagents, CRISPR cell line identification, along with other high-throughput fluidics projects. We also provide a lentivirus packaging service, and an amplification service, providing maxipreps of DNA and specialized CRISPR libraries with full validation, upon request. 153554b96e




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