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Mature Lesbian Slut

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Mature Lesbian Slut

This story contains the seduction of an eighteen year old school girl. Within here is domination, school girl discovery, lesbian exposure, cuntilinguis, discipline, anal and breastfeeding. If that is not for you do not read on. This is a fantasy so please no comments that young female adults don't talk or act like that. Of course all participants would be eighteen or older.

Well while that cock pleasures my ass let me tell you my story. I wasn't always an ass slut. I actually was a good girl always obeying my Daddy. My slide towards depravity happened just after my eighteenth birthday. I was a senior in an exclusive school that was a girl's only boarding school Monday through Friday and you could go home for the weekend. I took the train then the subway to get to and the reverse to go home from the school.

"That's a good slut! You're such a naughty girl, Princess. You're gonna have so much fun with your sweet wet pussy," she moaned then put her wet fingers in her mouth. She put her fingers in my wet panties always coming out with them wet then putting them in her mouth. She moaned with the pleasure it seemed to give her. The last time she brought her fingers to my lips and ordered me to lick them clean.

I hesitated so she pushed her fingers into my mouth and growled for me to suck them. I did tasting myself for the first time. She brought me a taste several times telling me what a good slut I was. I never did anything to earn me the title of slut but my nurse seemed to think so. She tweaked my nipples hard until I groaned and pushed into her hand. She pulled out and held my neck and kissed me deeply until I returned her kisses.

She told me I was a sweet slut and my pussy tasted wonderful. She gave me her card and commanded me to call her soon. She then pulled up the front of my panties and zipped my shorts. She laughed and said my pussy is gonna hurt with every bump riding back down the trail. Damn she was right. My Daddy saw my scrapes and bruises and said he would get my hot fragrant bath ready.

That night I played with myself for the first time. My eighteen year old pussy felt my exploring fingers around the wet lips and shockingly I even pushed two slender fingers up inside that wet hot opening. I felt naughty, perhaps such as a slut does when I realized a penis would go up in there seeking pleasure. I realized I would have to see the school nurse and get on birth control as I would soon wish to feel a penis up inside me giving me pleasure.

Lexi continued to thrust her fingers in and back within my pussy giving me such pleasure I slumped back against her small breasts. She bit my exposed neck and sucked hard giving me I'm sure a hickey. "I own your pussy from now on you slut. I will take you anytime I want and you'll pleasure me and make me cum anytime I want. Now take out your gag I have your cum to feed you," Lexi commanded.

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