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Caleb Sanders
Caleb Sanders

Best Buy 2 Year Protection Plan Geek Squad

I bought a gateway laptop from best buys about 1 1/2 years ago. I do not think I will ever by another laptop from best buys. Gateway installs trial versions of norton anti virus and mcafee anti viris. I decided to use mcafee anti virus and i uninstalled nortons. Well it messed my computer up by giving me errors, so i took it to the geek squad and they blamed me for installing it and messing it up. They argued with me for a while, and i told them i know that they dont work together, that is one of the first things you learn(I have a degree in computer repair, just didnt feel like fixing my brand new laptop my self). They finally looked it over and said that i had installed a new video driver on my computer, when i had not installed any thing on the laptop yet. So he unistalled one of the drivers and said there it will work now, and it did for a little while, but the next day i started getting lines going through my computer, it was like static or those bars you get on tv, they would just scroll across my tv. I took it back and they could not find the problem so i called gateway and they walked me through how to fix it. They had me unistall both of the virus softwares and reinstall the video driver, and it works fine now. Then i had a problem with my battery and they wanted to keep it for 3 weeks, so once again i called gateway and they sent me a replacement battery and told me just to mail back the old one. I talked to several different people at gateway and they said that best buys geek squad has no idea what they are doing.

best buy 2 year protection plan geek squad

I was a tech (pre geek squad) and we prided our selfs on being able to get just about anyone to purchase a warranty plan, We knew the insides and outsides of the plan and how to best spin it for a customers sake. That being said, we also tried our hardest to actually FIX a customers issue however possible.

I stopped shopping at Best Buy several years ago when they raised the prices on movies and music and also when they became more stingy with their rebate program. With me price determines where I shop but also service and quality as well. I never really felt like I received good service from best buy so the price to me does not matter and in fact, I can find better prices on the internet and even through competitors like Circuit City (who I have been happy with for sometime).

Man, I have bought a wireless keyboard and mouse in best buy and it didnt work so i tried to return it and it and they wouldnt take it either. I have not shopped in best buy for more then a year already, i dont miss it and i also never miss a chance to tell all of my friends and co-workers not to shop at best buy. so far I have been pretty successful. thanks and good luck.

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