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Batman Road To No Man Land Cbr 600 !LINK!

Detective Comics was the final publication of the entrepreneur Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson, whose comics company, National Allied Publications, would evolve into DC Comics, one of the world's two largest comic book publishers, though long after its founder had left it. Wheeler-Nicholson's first two titles were the landmark New Fun: The Big Comic-Magazine #1 (cover-dated Feb. 1935), colloquially called New Fun Comics #1 and the first such early comic book to contain all-original content, rather than a mix of newspaper comic strips and comic-strip-style new material. His second effort, New Comics #1, would be retitled twice to become Adventure Comics, another seminal series that ran for decades until issue #503 in 1983, and was later revived in 2009.

Batman Road To No Man Land Cbr 600


Think of it as a supermoto on steroids; its 1000cc V-Twin pulls harder, and is capable of higher speeds, than any single-cylinder sumo, but the short, closely-spaced gearing emulates that of dirtbikes which most sumo machines are based on. Mix in long-travel suspension, sticky tires on 17-inch wheels, and a wide handlebar providing ample leverage to flick the bike to and fro, and the SM-T thrives when the road gets twisty.

Having surprised us in the past with its performance and lack of any real competitors, the Zero S and its DS cousin take the silver medal this year. For the everyday rider/commuter not interested in breaking land speed records, both Zero models provide the same performance, comfort and practicality as a small-displacement motorcycle.

The JokerKnightCityAsylumOriginsOrigins Red HoodOrigins Black MaskBiographical InformationFull NameUnknownOccupationProfessional CriminalTerroristBase of OperationsGotham City, Arkham CityBlackgate PrisonArkham AsylumArkham IslandSteel Mill Monarch TheaterExtreme Isolation

Batman subdued Croc, escaping the police in his Batwing and leaving the cannibal killer to them. To slow the vigilante down "Black Mask" turned to the GCPD and hired Edward Nigma, the head of the GCPD's Cyber Crime Division and secret master hacker, to broadcast a jamming signal to interfere with the Batwing and brought corrupt SWAT leader Howard Branden in on the bounty. Both were completely unaware of the explosives beneath their headquarters.

Broadcasting to the entire island, the Joker told Batman that he was about to give Gotham a "terminal case of tainted love" by detonating the bomb. To delay Batman from finding him, Joker decided to release the inmates; this caused chaos as the riot police had to fight back Bane, Scarecrow, Poison Ivy and Two-Face along with the rest of the prisoners.

Batman attempted to track down Gordon by detecting the alcohol that Boles left in the air. The Joker soon caught onto the Batman's attempt, and as a result, had Boles killed, no longer needing him. Taking control of Arkham's intercom system the Joker told his goons to destroy the Batmobile to keep Batman from leaving. He then proceeded to begin taking over the west side of Arkham Island.

Harley later released Poison Ivy from her cell, despite her not being on the "party list". Joker watched from the security cameras, contacting Batman again. Laughing that watching Harley and Ivy together was a riot, Joker told Batman that he had prepared some "civil unrest" just for him. At that point, he opened every cell possible in the Penitentiary, releasing the violent, insane inmates. They spread through the island, attacking and killing any living thing that they could find. Joker used the intercom to order his henchmen to kill the lunatics as they were spoiling the party plans.

Batman went after Harley, who sent her thugs after Batman again, though he managed to defeat them all. Harley's failure prompted Joker to remove her from the "party list", and Batman defeated and locked her up. Joker gave Harley's attempt a B+, but wanted an A grade. Batman used Harley's DNA traces from around the island to track Joker to the Botanical Gardens, where he unsuccessfully tried to slow Batman down after he killed an Arkham guard, named Thomas Armbruster by tossing him into water he electrified. Joker detonated the path he was on, blocking the way to the Titan Production facility and buying himself some time.

As Batman was leaving the Botanical Gardens, Joker visited Poison Ivy, who was upset that Batman had threatened the plants on the island. The Joker gave Ivy a shot of Titan, causing the plant-life on the island to go wild. Seeing that nothing happened to Ivy, Joker gave her another dose; still, Ivy didn't mutate. Amused, Joker laughed that they didn't give her the name "Ivy" for nothing; he was hoping for a "40 ft killer plant", but accepted that he couldn't get everything that he wanted. Leaving Ivy to her own devices, the Joker headed back to his hideout in the patient Visitor Center.

As Ivy continued to yell about Batman killing her plants, the Joker moaned over the intercom if she ever shut up about them. Instead, Ivy told the Joker that she would be coming after him once she killed Batman. Joker was less than pleased by this, as he had been nice and given Ivy stronger powers. Wishing her luck in trying to kill Batman, the Joker told her that he would be waiting with an army or Titan monsters and a bag of weed killer. Batman proceed to defeat Ivy, relieving the island of the threat of her plants.

With all of the enemies on Joker's 'party list' defeated Joker had his men set off fireworks to direct Batman, the "guest of honor", to the "party" at the Visitor Center . Rather than fight Batman, upon his arrival and confirmation of being on the 'guest list', the goons acted friendly, cheered him on, and allowed him safe passage. Batman found a bomb planted by Joker at the Visitor Center and upon its explosion discovered the Joker's lair: a throne room atop various plastic toys from which he had been broadcasting to the island.

Joker was holding Scarface and taking out his frustration on him by having a fictional argument before he threw him away. Joker then berated Batman for ruining everything by "turning Bane into roadkill, feeding Scarecrow to Croc, 'slapping around' Harley Quinn (which was his favorite hobby), and destroying his precious Venom plants." The Joker then dispatched two Titan fueled security guards at Batman, who defeated them both.

Following the Joker's defeat, the GCPD retook control of Arkham Island, recapturing the escaped inmates, and watching over the Titan-powered henchmen as they returned to normal. Joker's transformation back to humanity was quite painful compared to others, combined with the severe injuries he received in his battle with Batman. Joker was taken back to his cell by several police officers and surviving Arkham security personnel, his plans ultimately failed. While locked up and recovering from Titan's effects, Joker was left humiliated, angry, and thirsty for revenge. While Joker planned his next move, he began to notice his body was not healing well after being injected with Titan, and began to fear that his defeat at Batman's hands may have cost him more than just being locked up again.

The Joker needed an escape plan, and on the night of his transfer, Harley Quinn provided one. Disguised as an Arkham guard, she overpowered the Joker's escorts and stole her puddin' away to a boat waiting on the island's quayside.

Joker lastly used Clayface to infiltrate Arkham Island, TYGER's main base of operations, to place dozens of explosives deep within the bowels of the Asylum as part of his alternative plans for Batman and Gotham, as well as to take out TYGER when the time was right. With everything in place and his plans completely unnoticed by even Hugo Strange and TYGER, Joker waited for Batman's inevitable arrival in Arkham City, where their most brutal and psychological battle would play out.

When Batman had accomplished everything that he was blackmailed to do, Joker was delighted to begin his cat and mouse game with his old enemy and friend anew. To renew his game with Batman, Joker made an anonymous phone call to the Gotham Tonight Show to inform the staff there that Batman was in Arkham City in order to lure news reporter, Vicki Vale, to Arkham City. Once Vale was in the perimeters of Arkham City in her news chopper, Joker took over her broadcast in order to taunt her and then fired a rocket at her chopper, which caused it to crash-land.

Joker had Clayface utilize his abilities to assume his appearance once again and sent out a video taped message all throughout the Steel Mill to make his forces believe him to be completely cured and ready to lead them in full force once again. This worked beautifully as all his men prepared for their final siege of Arkham City as Joker concentrated his efforts on securing the Lazarus Pit. In the meantime, Joker also sent out a handful of his men to the Gotham Radio Tower near his base to take control of the broadcast frequencies and implant a message from him to all of Gotham as part of a fail-safe plot.After Batman rescued Nora from Joker's henchmen and retrieved Freeze's stolen equipment, he confronted Joker, who was staring into a mirror and appeared perfectly healed, though his reflection curiously showed him still sick, at the top of the Steel Mill at the Funhouse.

The day after, a posthumous message that was left by Joker was broadcasted to all of Gotham, including Batman. Joker warranted a search for his dead body to be returned to Harley Quinn, with the prize money of 100 million dollars, or several bombs rigged around Arkham City's wall would go off, and release its remaining inmates onto the streets of Gotham. Joker also left behind a message for Batman to go to Arkham Asylum to retrieve the code that could be used to deactivate the b




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