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Quickload 38 Full


Quickload 38 Full

The Combat Full Rubber Grip wraps fully around the butt to dampen recoil, yet is slender enough to handle speed loaders. The finger grooves fit various hand sizes, providing a comfortable, consistent grasp hot or cold, wet or dry. This steady, versatile neoprene grip has become the standard for most current Charter Arms models.

For years, Ruger has been known for its manufacturing excellence, innovative design and powerful craftsmanship. Ruger MK series rifles are crafted with premium, hard-charcoal-finished blued or stainless-steel frames, superior barrels and action-specific features combined with a quality trigger system and ergonomic, easy-grip design. The definitive Ruger rifle uses a proprietary, match-grade, new design action that provides accurate performance, ruggedness and reliability.

The Combat Rubber C9 Full Rubber Grip provides a firm, slick grip for reloading and has the quality to last. Its slick rubber surface provides a sure grip and is sure to meet the needs of this most demanding firearm. d2c66b5586




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