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Knowing fully well that there are a ton of powers to unlock as well as skills to improve, players will certainly need a miracle in order to progress faster in this adventurous game. This where Shindo Life scripts comes in to play.


Woman of Rumor is a late film, coming after Sansho the Bailiff and followed by Crucified Lovers (A Story by Chikamatsu). But Woman of Rumor is not less important than these two internationally acclaimed films. Indeed Woman of Rumor (1954) is more passionate than Jacques Doillon's La Pirate (1984) and even more precisely than Max Ophuls' Letter from an Unknown Woman (1948). Remarkably astounding is the authenticity and precision of the production design by Mizutani Hiroshi and the properties supplied by Kozu Shokai Co.,Inc. In the beautiful okiya (a kind of boarding house for geishas) set, the bustling mistress of the house (Tanaka Kinuyo) comes into conflict with her younger lover and her own daughter. The supertechnical combination of Miyagawa Kazuo's camera and Okamoto Ken-ichi's lighting captures this tense love triangle in an almost documentary-like style of detachment. Just as in his own Sisters of Gion, the screenwriter Yoda Yoshikata (whose family name is given as homage to an Oriental sage appearing in The Empire Strikes Back) vividly depicts women of firm determination whose attitudes toward life form a striking contrast to those of indecisive, irresponsible men in Kyoto.

The cash desk persistently appears in the film; indeed it appears no less than fifteen times. The partitioned cash desk in a dim light is a vivid symbol of the independent but undeniably lonely life of a middle-aged widow, similar to the neon sign outside the restaurant Joan Crawford runs in Mildred Pierce (1945). Moreover, the fact that we can see the latticework through the thin paper screen produces a telling metaphor of film viewing: we, as spectators, see Tanaka's true feeling, her real emotion through the surface. If Woman of Rumor is a film melodrama, then why do we not take into consideration a deep emotional register under/behind the surface? 041b061a72




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