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Witches Of East End - Season 1

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Witches Of East End - Season 1

Witches of East End is an American drama television series inspired from Melissa de la Cruz' Beauchamp Family series and from the novel of the same name, broadcast on cable network Lifetime and developed by Maggie Friedman. The show premiered on Sunday, October 6 2013, and returned for its second season on July 6, 2014. The series was cancelled after two seasons on November 4, 2014. And although many fans have come together to petition for the series to return, a third season or a sequel movie has yet to come.

It was revealed on July 19, 2012 that Lifetime had picked up Witches of East End as a pilot for its 2013 season, along The Secret Live of Wives. The show would be executive-produced by both Maggie Friedman (Dawson's Creek, Eastwick) and Erwin Stoff (The Matrix) and produced by Fox 21.[1] However, on December 17, 2012, Jenna Dewan and husband Channing Tatum announced publicly that the actress was bearing their first child, putting the pilot in jeopardy, as the project could have been post-poned or completely dropped.[2]

Therefore, Witches of East End joined the fifth season of Drop Dead Diva, the seventh season of Army Wives, the second of The Client List and the first season of the ABC dropped-Desperate Housewives spin-off, Devious Maids, on the 2013 schedule. By the end of 2013, Lifetime renewed Devious Maids and Drop Dead Diva, but cancelled The Client List and Army Wives. Witches of East End was renewed for a second season as well, on November 22, 2013.[7][8]

On August 30, 2012, it was announced that Julia Ormond had landed a main role on Witches of East End, as Joanna Beauchamp.[10] On September 14, 2012, the role of Freya Beauchamp was officially given to Jenna Dewan.[11] On September 19, 2012, Rachel Boston and model Daniel Di Tomasso were announced to have earned two main roles, respectively Ingrid Beauchamp and Killian Gardiner.[12] However, a few changes were made to the original casting after the series was ordered for a complete first season, and therefore, some roles were recasted.

For the second season of the show, British actor Christian Cooke won the coveted role of Frederick Beauchamp, while Steven Berkoff and James Marsters were respectively announced to play the devilish King Nikolaus and a mysterious warlock called Tarkoff.

The filming of first version of the pilot began on October 16, 2012 in the port town of Wilmington, North Carolina under the supervision of director Mark Waters (Mean Girls, Vampire Academy). It went on in Macon, Georgia, and ended on November 5, 2012. When Lifetime later announced that Witches of East End was going to be a full-series, it was decided that filming for the rest of the series would take place in Vancouver, Canada instead of Wilmington, NC.[22] Some scenes for the pilot had to be shoot again with new actors and new sets. The first season was filmed from July 16 to October 21.

Witches of East End (ordered for a full series on January 31, 2013) debuted on Lifetime TV on October 6, 2013. The second season debuted on July 6, 2014 and ended its run on October 5, 2014, that is exactly one year after the pilot aired for the first time on TV.

Critical reaction to Witches of East End has been mixed, with a score of 50 on Metacritic[28] and 61% for the first season so far on Rotten Tomatoes[29] with a consensus saying "Although it's ridiculously soapy, Witches of East End is often campy fun; it's a supernatural spectacle that's entertaining despite its silliness."

Witches of East End premiered on a hectic Sunday night with 1.93 million viewers.[33] The premiere also achieved a 0.7 in adults 18-49. Though the premiere was down from the June 23 premiere of Lifetime's other new show Devious Maids, Witches of East End faced a lot of tough competition during primetime season and ended the night being the number two scripted drama on cable, behind Boardwalk Empire. The second episode saw an increase to 0.8 in adults 18-49 despite the return of The Walking Dead. In viewers, the show remained completely even from its premiere with 1.93 million, and was the second highest-rated drama of the night again, behind The Walking Dead.[34]

A series about a family of witches living in a quaint seaside town Is this a nautical, magical spin on Gilmore Girls No, it's the Witches of East End, and the greatest tragedy of 2014 was when Lifetime canceled the series after only two seasons.

The series followed the women of the Beauchamp family, all witches, who were up against a mortal enemy. The show starred Julia Ormond as Joanna, Rachel Boston as Ingrid, Jenna Dewan as Freya, and Mädchen Amick as Wendy.

Good news and bad news regarding why the Witches of East End was canceled. Thankfully, it wasn't due to any drama behind the scenes. However, the Witches of East End was, in fact, canceled due to poor ratings. The final season aired in October 2014, and hasn't been revived since.

But where can you stream Witches of East End nowadays Both seasons of the series are on Hulu, with Season 1 boasting 10 total episodes and the second and final season having 13. While we may not love that there are only two seasons, that's at least enough Witches of East End content for a witchy, binge-watching weekend!

AMICK: Yeah. I think it was really nice to explore the more responsible side of Wendy, and see her step up and take charge. Her loyalty to this family was constantly tested, and I think that was really fun. The first season, I felt like Wendy just blew in with the wind through the front door, and had one foot in and one foot out, which is really fun to play. This season, you got to see how maternal she can be, and how dedicated of a sister she can be. That was really fun to explore.

This has been a really tough season for this family. Instead of all of the outside threats of Season 1, this has been a season of threats from within the family. What was it like to explore stories that were much more personal and really close to home for them

Final Verdict: Once you get past the melodrama, Witches of East End will definitely capture your interest. The mystery surrounding the Beauchamp woman is intriguing, and the magic, although nothing new, is just what you want in a TV show about witches.

The series stars Julia Ormond as lead character Joanna Beauchamp, a witch and mother of Freya Beauchamp (Jenna Dewan Tatum) and Ingrid Beauchamp (Rachel Boston), who are part of the next generation of witches. Mädchen Amick co-stars as Joanna's mischievous witch sister Wendy Beauchamp. The series is loosely based on the book of the same name's plot, with one change being that Freya and Ingrid are unaware of their magical powers.

A new season may be added only after the completion of the previous season, and after the new season has been announced. Once you create a new season you'll have 4 hours to add the first episode, or the season may be automatically removed.

The DVD of the first season features 10 episodes on three discs, plus a featurette, deleted scenes, gag reel, and a collection of bloopers with the cat. There are no supplements on the DVD set with the second season.

witches of east end By melissa de la cruz HYPERION Copyright 2011 Melissa de la Cruz All right reserved. ISBN: 978-1-4013-2390-5 Prologue The Town at the Edge of Nowhere * * * North Hampton did not exist on any map, which made locating the small, insular community on the very edge of the Atlantic coast something of a conundrum to outsiders, who were known to wander in by chance only to find it impossible to return; so that the place, with its remarkably empty silver-sand beaches, rolling green fields, and imposing, rambling farmhouses, became more of a half-remembered dream than a memory. Like Brigadoon, it was shrouded in fog and rarely came into view. Perpetually damp, even during its brilliant summers, its denizens were a tight-knit, clubby group of families who had been there for generations. In North Hampton, unlike the rest of Long Island, there were still potato farmers and deep-sea fishermen who made a living from their harvests. Salty sea breezes blew sweetly over the rippling blue waters, the shoals were heavy with clam and scallop, and the rickety restaurants served up the local specialties of porgies, blowfish, and clam chowder made with tomatoes, never milk. The modern age had made almost no impression on the pleasant surroundings; there were no ugly strip malls or any indication of twenty-first-century corporate enterprise to ruin the picturesque landscape. Across from the township was Gardiners Island, now abandoned and left to ruin. Longer than anyone could remember, the manor house, Fair Haven, had been empty and unoccupied, a relic in the gloaming. Owned by the same family for hundreds of years, no one had seen hide or hair of the Gardiners for de cades. Rumors circulated that the once-illustrious clan could no longer afford its upkeep or that the line had withered and died with its last and final heir. Yet Fair Haven and its land remained untouched and had never been sold. It was the house that time forgot, the eaves below its peaked roof filled with leaves, the paint chipped and the columns cracked as it sunk slowly toward dilapidation. The island's boat docks rotted and sagged. Ospreys made their homes on the unadulterated beaches. The forests around the house grew thick and dense. Then one night in the early winter, there was a sickening crunch, a terrible noise, as if the world were ripping open; the wind howled and the ocean raged. Bill and Maura Thatcher, married caretakers from a neighboring estate, were walking their dogs along the North Hampton shore when they heard an awful sound from across the water. "What was that" Bill asked, trying to calm the dogs. "It sounded like it came from there," Maura said, pointing to Gardiners Island. They stared at Fair Haven, where a light had appeared in the manor's northernmost window. "Look at that, Mo," Bill said. "I didn't know the house had been rented." "New owners, maybe" Maura asked. Fair Haven looked the same as it always did: its windows like half-lidded eyes, its shabby doorway sagging like a frowning old man. Maura took the dogs by the grass but Bill continued to stare, scratching his beard. Then quick as a blink, the light went out and the house was dark again. But now there was someone in the fog, and they were no longer alone. The dogs barked sharply at the steadily approaching figure, and the old groundskeeper realized his heart was pounding in his chest, while his wife looked terrified. A woman appeared out of the mist. She was tall and intimidating, wearing a bright red bandanna over her hair and a tan raincoat belted tightly around her waist. Her eyes were gray as the dusk. "Miss Joanna!" Bill said. "We didn't see you there." Maura nodded. "Sorry to disturb you, ma'am." "Best you run along now, both of you, there's nothing to see here," she said, her voice as cold as the deep waters of the Atlantic. Bill felt a chill up his spine and Maura shivered. They had agreed there was something different about their neighbors, something otherworldly and hard to pin down, but until this evening they had never been afraid of the Beauchamps. They were afraid now. Bill whistled for the dogs and reached for Maura's hand, and they walked quickly in the opposite direction. Across the shore, one by one, more lights were turned on in succession until Fair Haven was ablaze. It shone like a beacon, a signal in the darkness. Bill turned to look back one more time, but Joanna Beauchamp had already disappeared, leaving no sign of footprints in the sand or any indication that she had ever been there. (Continues...) Excerpted from witches of east end by melissa de la cruz Copyright 2011 by Melissa de la Cruz. Excerpted by permission of HYPERION. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site. 59ce067264




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