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Caleb Richardson
Caleb Richardson

The Expanse 4x1 Free

If you squint your eyes, it almost looks like Club Med: an expanse of blue sea, a stretch of beach, white tents and umbrellas on the sand, and plenty of staff ready to help out. However, this isn't a tropical paradise, it's Tokyo Bay ...

The Expanse 4x1

Entering the second and last turn, I knew this was going to getvery uncomfortable. I told myself we were halfway done; just hang on and keeprunning. Corning out of the turn, the final 100 meters stretched eerilybefore me. I saw Tina about 50 meters ahead, could sense more than actuallysee the finish line at the end of what seemed the longest expanse of redrubber ever seen. I no longer heard Jeremy's steps, but had no idea it:that was because I was outdistancing him or because my senses were shuttingdown from fatigue. The pounding of my own heart was in my ears, nothing else.I no longer heard each gasping breath, and I had lost sight--or focus--ofTina and the finish line. Wits it this bad for Jeremy? Briefly, I wondered ifI should slow down in case I was outrunning him; pace him rather than beathim. The thought had no real effect. I was running almost against my own willat this point. Wherever Jeremy was, he was trying his hardest to beat me.That would ensure that he ran his best. I was too tired to think more aboutit. 041b061a72




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