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Stephen Shirodkar
Stephen Shirodkar

Hogganfield Loch Nursing Home

Up until the 1920’s this was still a semi-rural area. There were coal pits at Riddrie, Hogganfield, Robroyston and Lumloch (just beyond Wallace’s Well). To the west of the present Shields Bar, there was Ranza Place with some two or three storey houses beside the old Provanmill Inn. Opposite there was a whisky distillery. Garngad Rd continued over the ‘Three Hills’ to Millerston. Where the present day Hogganfield Estate lies was Pinkerton’s rhubarb fields and the Pinkerton family owned the big house at the end of Garngad Rd going on to Cumbernauld Rd. This house is now a nursing home. The surrounding area was mostly farms around Robroyston. Robroyston Pit lay to the left of the Provanmill - Robroyston Rd and the old pit bing was still there when I was a boy.

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