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[S2E16] Pop Life [HOT]

Everything that makes this show work, everything that every superhero show needs, is right there in that opening scene. The Flash, the Scarlet Speedster, with his friends at his side, risks his life in a spectacular gamble, lightning streaming from his speeding form, as he pushes himself beyond his limits to prepare to face the mask menaced that threatens not one Earth but two.

[S2E16] Pop Life

In an interview with People, she revealed she draws her musical inspirations from humming a melody off the note of a whirring fan or tapping her foot to the rhythm of the bathtub dripping; commenting she can hear melodies from natural sounds like birds chirping or the taxis and construction in Manhattan. Occasionally, Harrison wishes she could stop the music. "In the middle of a conversation, I'll start humming or moving my feet, and my friends will say, 'You can't be serious,'" she notes. "It's such a reflex that I'm totally unaware I look like an idiot."[142] Most of her songs are helmed from personal experiences in her life as well as friends' experiences.[129][143]

Jacob was having the time of his life hanging out with the staff of Addington Elementary, Abbott's rival school. He drank and partied with them in a room and was even asked to join their rivals, to which he sternly refused.

We kind of saw it before when he admitted that his goal was to save 148 lives and then take his own. Even before he changed his trajectory on that journey he was setting his family up for a life without him.

In lighter news, Maggie and Delilah need a night out and end up getting charmingly drunk when they decide they have to take a shot every time one of them mentions their ex. After a good few shots, Delilah realizes a cute guy across the bar is checking Maggie out and goes to invite him over. Turns out, though, the guy's actually into D. She tries to make a bunch of excuses as to why she shouldn't go home with him, but Maggie's having none of it. While D heads home with the dude, Maggie takes a call. She's been accepted to the fellowship she applied to in Oxford after all. She agrees to go! She is pretty tipsy though, so I guess we'll find out next week if she remembers her life-changing decision.

Angel shows up at Caritas after-hours and wakes the Host for advice. Angel regrets his recent actions, with the Host telling him that sometimes one needs to hit rock bottom before they can see how far they've fallen. Angel admits he doesn't know how to go back to the way things were before. The Host tells Angel there's no going back; instead, he needs to use the moment of clarity he experienced to help him move on in his life and find a new place in the world. The Host also assures Angel that the lawyers in the wine cellar were always going to die with or without his help, although the Powers That Be would likely have preferred it to happen without. Angel wonders what the Powers want him to do next, only to be reminded that he fired his connection to them. Angel realizes he may never be able to earn his friends' forgiveness, only to be told that, the way things are going, his friends will be lucky to live through the night.

Jesse is saved by a blood transfusion from Wells as he is the only match to her Earth-2 blood type. Though she is grateful he has saved her life, she is worried that he will be willing to do anything to protect her, regardless of who else it might affect.

The Great Dragon and the power of the Dragon's Flame were probably inspired from the Phoenix Force of the Marvel Comics which is described as one of the oldest known cosmic entities, representing life that has not yet been born. The Phoenix Force is an immortal, indestructible, and mutable manifestation of the prime universal force of life. Born of the void between states of being, the Phoenix Force is a child of the universe

This episode of Dexter's Laboratory is essentially a parody/tribute to TRON. Every time Dexter plays a video game with his sister, Dee Dee, he always loses, despite his superior intellect. To make things worse, Dexter's dad buys him an old video game cartridge called "Master Computer" (that he bought from a gypsy for a nickel). When Dee Dee sees the game, she provokes Dexter to challenge her at the game. Dexter loses and kicks Dee Dee out of his secret laboratory. When Dexter tries to pull out the cartridge out of his state-of-the-art computer, the game comes alive in the form not unlike the MCP and begins to take over Dexter's computer with a virus.With the Master Computer game loaded in Dexter's computer, he tells Dexter his plans on taking over the world. Dexter runs towards the emergency shut off switch, but Master Computer digitizes Dexter with one of his laboratory lasers. Dexter, now inside his computer tries to destroy Master Computer, but to no avail - even when using a beam cycle. After getting caught in a "grid spider's website", he regrettably gets Dee Dee to help him defeat the evil program. Dee Dee successfully derezzes Master Computer and saves Dexter's life and as she removes the cartridge, Dexter tells her to return him back to the real world. However, Dee Dee makes him play a game of "Primal Fighter" in the computer, where he is then senselessly beaten up by a giant ape.

Dexter is working on the computer when all of a sudden, it gets a virus and starts shutting down. To stop the virus, Dexter suits up in a circuited lightsuit and goes into the system. At first everything seems to be perfectly okay, but then he finds a hole in the computer's binary patterning, revealed to come from Mandark, who is also inside of the computer. Mandark explains that he sent an email carrying himself as a virus, and when Dexter opened the email, Mandark got inside the computer, destroyed its binary patterning, and made it die. The two fight; the computer comes back to life when Dexter wins, but the the two are still stuck in the system. Dee Dee walks into the room and starts playing around with them on the screen, making girly pictures of them and printing them out to hang on her wall.

When you start adding up how many romantic partners/work sources Kalinda juggles, it gets a little hilarious. Frankly, I had forgotten about this guy from Season 1, who was her cop friend who was being investigated for corruption. It's no one's fault! There are just a lot of men and women coming in and out of Kalinda's life! Good for her.

Where to begin? The introduction of Nick, a looming presence over Kalinda's life, was supposed to bring to bear all of the mysteries surrounding her. Instead, their dynamic was upsetting and weird and alienating and just: No! No! When I interviewed the Kings a few months ago and asked about the audience rejection of the Nick/Kalinda story line, Robert King said, "We were kind of thrown and torn because we really loved them." Then thank you, Kings, for trusting your audience enough to side with them and cut this story line off. Last we saw Nick, Kalinda really seemed like she was going to kill him. If she did, then that could be a big deal in the future. I will testify on her behalf! 041b061a72




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