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Are Mercurials Good For Wide Feet ((FREE))

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Are Mercurials Good For Wide Feet ((FREE))

The shape of your foot is crucial when picking your new football boots. A good way to do your due diligence is by outlining your foot on a piece of paper to measure both length and the widest part of your foot. You can then head over to a size guide like to see what category your foot shape falls into. If you have wide feet, well then you most likely need a pair of wide football boots.

Without further ado we present our best football boots for wide feet in 2021. At the end of the day, it is all about personal fit and preference. Therefore, the list has no particular order but is rather meant to inspire you to find your next boot.

The thin and rich leather makes them fit perfectly straight out of the box while the deep lacing system gives you the option to adjust lockdown for your particular shape of foot. Another unique feature is the flexible soleplate that moves so naturally with the movement of your feet. With this combination of materials and technologies, the Mizuno Morelia 2 sets new standards of what comfort is in a football boot.

If you have wide feet and are a fan of speed boots then look no further than the PUMA Ultra. With a spacious toe box area and a good amount of width in the middle, they can really make the difference for a wide foot type.

The Tiempo Legend series are known for offering unique comfort and the sophisticated touch of leather. If these are among your priorities and you have a wider foot shape, you should definitely add the latest Nike Tiempo Legend to your shortlist.

You might have noticed that we are quite fond of Mizuno football boots. The unique level of comfort and touch you get from the premium kangaroo leather, that stretches and molds to the shape of your foot perfectly, can be incredibly valuable for a wider foot shape.

The new Mizuno Rebula 3 has been built over the same foot shape as the predecessor which was a major hit for players with wide feet. The pliable leather upper does its job to perfection while the deep lacing system gives you a more personal fit and lockdown.

Since its launch day, the PUMA Future Z has been a very popular choice due to its incredible comfort and snug fit. One of its unique features is the stretchable FUSIONFIT compression band, which offers a more forgiving fit around the midfoot which is especially accommodating for wider feet.

It may come as a bit of a surprise that we have included a pair of Nike Mercurials on a list of football boots for wide feet. Over time the Nike Mercurial has got a more spacious construction, which is good news for all of us with wide feet.

If you are looking for a classic leather boot that has the room to fit even the widest foot then the adidas Copa Mundial is your safe choice. Not only does the old-school construction give plenty of width in both the mid- and forefoot, the incredibly soft leather upper will also mold nicely around your foot no matter what shape.

The Phantom GT 2 cuts wide but surprisingly, also is longer than previous Nike football boots. For many who have slim or moderate feet, they still get ample toe room when going half a size down so if you have really wide feet, this might just be the roomiest boot on the list.

Across the history of the Mercurial Vapor series, we have seen a wide variety of upper materials and designs that have directly impacted the fit and feel of the boot on foot. This version is no different, with the Vapor 14 Elite offering a very distinct type of fit. First note, the material is on the rigid side, with Vaporposite having an almost plastic like feel. On foot, they play far more pliable than you would imagine, offering a natural touch on the ball. I think it has a lot to do with the structure, which looks like a criss-cross thread design, almost as if someone took a 3D pen to create some support to the upper. So, expect them to feel a little stiff but play perfectly on-pitch.

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