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Khel Movie Torrent

One of the best things about The Pirate Bay is that there is no adware or malware, which is common practice with such websites. You do not need to register to download either. Hence, it is undoubtedly one of the best torrent sites that allow you to download your favorite movies or share them with others within a matter of minutes.

Khel Movie Torrent


This is probably the most widely known on this list. With clean UI and limitless options not only in movies but a lot of other things as well, the only bad thing about this torrent is that it directs you to an ad-based website if you click anywhere else. Otherwise, you get the torrent file links and can share the magnet links as well.

Kickass Torrents also offer a top 10 list that features the trending movies to pick from. You can easily download one or too many movies without having to register. Hence, the accessibility is super amazing.

Just go to the torrent site, search for whichever movie you want to download, and click on the magnet link or the download link. Once you open a torrent of the magnet link through the client, the file will automatically start downloading. Once it is downloaded, you can open your movie and start watching instantly.

This film tells one of the best love stories of the decade, and it is great just because of the story. I'll start off with the performances.Salman Khan is awesome; his role in this movie is perfect for him. He, as others have said, proves his acting ability to any doubters. He actually proved it in his debut role in Maine Pyar Kiya (1989) for which he won filmfare best male debut and was nominated at the same time for filmfare best actor. The film introduces Bhoomika Chawla who gives a solid performance in this movie - so solid that one would be surprised that she didn't achieve more after this film. Actors in supporting roles also did a great job in making this a great film. The film's music is great; hats off to Himesh Reshammiya. I can't say which are the best tracks because they're all good.Verdict: don't miss this one; they don't make films like this anymore. I give it 9.5/10

After being put off by Salman's hair in promos,i delayed watching this movie for almost a year!! What a mistake..Tere Naam was certainly one of the most enjoyable movies of recent times.. and I have gone from a Salman hater to Salman tolerator..SPOILERS.....What an unexpectedly amazing performance. Salman's portrayal of an emotionally tormented lover was without a doubt his best work thus far. There are certain scenes where his desperation, pain and helplessness is almost palpable. He certainly seems to have tapped into some hitherto unseen reserves of acting talent to come up with his performance. Or maybe he just channeled the demons from his personal life. And the hair, ah the hair.. I actually liked it ( after I got over the initial annoyance). I think it is gutsy of Salman to actually look THAT different from his usual chocolate boy looks. It fit in with his rebellious, good for nothing character.Bhoomika was a perfect foil for Salman. I could totally buy why Salman's character would fall for her.Her innocence and freshness is very appealing.The lead players had GREAT on screen chemistry.I think the friendship shown between Salman's group of friends was very real too.. nothing saccharine about it.I loved the story /screenplay and direction. Definitely different.Add in the awesome soundtrack, all in all, 3 hours well spent.

What can i say, i am 23 years old man and i cry every time i see the movie!!!! I wonder every time i watch this movie that can someone love someone so much that their separation can drive one person to live like insane for the rest of his life even when hes not insane!!! i wish i could be like that!! I wish i could love someone the way Radhe did!!!! But i also wish that no one should have to go through what Radhe went through. People who haven't seen this movie, watch it. Don't be put be off the the initial 15 minutes, this movie is worth waiting for over 2 hours and watching it!!! Who says Salman Khan cant act!!!!!!!???????? This movie and his performance in this movies has proved that Salman Khan is a wonderful actor. All these years, he really never had an proper opportunity to show his capabilities. In this movie he did and did it very well.THe music in the movie is just divine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The performances of Radhe's brother and sister in law, the Muslim friend, the beggar girl, the priest and the leading actress were all outstanding. Although i myself was put off in the beginning by the low production values, which were quite obvious in the cinematography quality, i ended up crying. And a movie which can move someone like that has to be a good movie but this wasn't a good movie.................,this was a brilliant movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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