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Stephen Shirodkar
Stephen Shirodkar

Graduated [v0.43]

Action required: If using Kubernetes 1.22, set PodSecurity flag to true to enforce a restricted pod security level in Tekton namespaces. See -line-tools-reference/feature-gates/#feature-gates-for-graduated-or-deprecated-features for more information.

Graduated [v0.43]

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action required: To allow PodSecurityAdmission to take effect, please set PodSecurity flag as Beta in 1.23-1.24. See -line-tools-reference/feature-gates/#feature-gates-for-graduated-or-deprecated-features for more information.

Kristin Kearns Jordan: Okay. I am going to start personally because I have been in education for 25 years in New York. I founded a college prep charter school. And if you were to track those students over time, which we did assiduously, we lost a lot of kids. Right? The kids who graduated, 100% went to college. They went to Stanford. They went to fabulous places. But we lost many students along the way. 041b061a72




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