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Oliver Myers
Oliver Myers

Google Releases Chrome 72 For Linux, Windows, And Mac, Download Now ((INSTALL))

It can be really hard to find an older version of Chrome as the official website does not allow to download them. Maybe I do not know how to find them but when I needed an older version I could not find it. For now I use this website -browsers/google-chrome. All versions and builds are available here and you can get them for free. Also I used some of the ways mentioned above.

Google Releases Chrome 72 for Linux, Windows, and Mac, Download Now

But you need to first make sure you are installing the new driver prior to running into this issue, these scripts will automatically download the newest version / look for the newest version of ChromeDriver and download it to a new file folder location. It will only use the new file folders location once your version of Chrome has been updated. The script should fail gracefully if the browser version of chrome updates and there is not an available version on




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