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Caleb Richardson
Caleb Richardson

Engine Sound Mod For ALL TRUCKS [ETS2 1.40 1.39] __LINK__

1000 hp motor TRUCKS OF ALL KINDS There were a few engines. Change the motor, the smoke, and the super sliders before you find the sweet spot. The sound output is noticeably improved by the exhaust slider. Above is my tendency.I made this mod using recordings of his air starts.If you wish to disable this or another mod of motors or cabinets,or, on the other hand, exclude it from consideration.

Engine Sound Mod For ALL TRUCKS [ETS2 1.40 1.39]

This is my Custom FMOD 6.7L Custom V8 engine (tuned) + 12 speed hauler transmission.Built using sounds from real 6.7L V8 engines with lope.Transmission is mapped to the engines torque curves. 041b061a72




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