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Unity Asset Bundle 1 June 2018: A Collection of Useful Assets for Game Developers

Unity Asset Bundle 1 June 2018: A Collection of Useful Assets for Game Developers

Unity Asset Bundle 1 June 2018 is a collection of assets that can help you create amazing games with Unity. Whether you need models, textures, prefabs, audio clips, or even entire scenes, you can find them in this bundle. You can also save up to 95% off the regular price of these assets by buying them together.

Asset bundles are a way of packaging and delivering non-code assets that Unity can load at run time. They can be useful for downloadable content (DLC), reducing initial install size, loading assets optimized for the end-user's platform, and reducing runtime memory pressure. Asset bundles can also express dependencies between each other; for example, a material in one asset bundle can reference a texture in another asset bundle.

Unity Asset Bundle 1 June 2018

Unity Asset Bundle 1 June 2018 contains the following assets:

  • ProBuilder: A powerful tool that lets you build and edit geometry directly in Unity. You can create complex shapes, UV map them, apply textures, and more.

  • Polygon Arsenal: A collection of over 200 particle effects that can add life and realism to your games. You can use them for fire, smoke, explosions, magic, and more.

  • Easy Mobile Pro: A framework that simplifies mobile game development. You can easily integrate features such as ads, in-app purchases, notifications, leaderboards, achievements, and more.

  • Horror Development Kit: A complete solution for creating horror games. It includes a first-person controller, inventory system, flashlight system, door system, jump scares, sound effects, and more.

  • Low Poly Ultimate Pack: A huge pack of low-poly models that can be used for any genre of game. It includes characters, animals, vehicles, buildings, props, weapons, and more.

  • And many more...

If you want to take advantage of this amazing offer, you can buy Unity Asset Bundle 1 June 2018 from OpenSea, a marketplace for digital collectibles. Hurry up though, as this bundle is only available until June 30th!

Using asset bundles in your project is easy and convenient. You can create asset bundles from the editor using the BuildPipeline.BuildAssetBundles function, which takes various parameters such as the output directory, the compression method, and the target platform. You can also assign assets to asset bundles using the AssetBundle Browser window, which lets you drag and drop assets into different bundles and view their dependencies.

To load assets from asset bundles at run time, you need to use the AssetBundle.LoadFromFile or AssetBundle.LoadFromMemory methods, which return an AssetBundle object. You can then use the AssetBundle.LoadAsset or AssetBundle.LoadAllAssets methods to load individual assets or all assets from the bundle. You can also use the UnityWebRequestAssetBundle API to download asset bundles from a remote server and cache them on the local file system.

Asset bundles have many benefits for game development. They can help you reduce the size of your game by only including the assets that are needed for a specific platform or scene. They can also help you optimize your game performance by loading assets on demand and unloading them when they are no longer needed. Asset bundles can also enable you to update your game content without having to rebuild and redeploy your entire game. 0efd9a6b88




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