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How To Buy Wax Token

The contract BasicToken was modified to add a state variable contractAddress, and the functions transfer, and transferFrom in StandardToken were modified to require that the receiver of tokens is not the WaxToken contract itself.

how to buy wax token

WAXP token emerged as one of the highest performing assets during the NFT boom recently in 2021. The asset managed to range as high as more than 240% within a month and recorded its highs just below $1. Further amid the current market trend, the price shed more than 158% of its value and is currently showing no signs of a rebound. However, despite the bearish trend expected to prevail, still, the possibilities of a rebound cannot be completely nullified.

Wax tokens which once outperformed the top crypto assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc had a pretty good start for the 2022 trade. Aiming the $1 milestone, the WAXP price managed to trade above $0.5 quickly within the first 2 days of 2022. However, since then the asset began to dive in the deep bearish well where-in each attempt of a rebound went in vain. Yet in the STF, a strong fight between the buyers and the sellers could compel the price to rebound from the bearish trend.

The Wax token forecast is extremely bearish in both the short term and long term. The Commodity Channel Index(CCI) which indicates the reversals and divergence is somewhat bullish in the short term as it has shown a minor divergence from the rock bottom levels. However, it remains neutral in the long term similar to the StochRSI. StochRSI being close to the average levels in both cases remains neutral indicating the upcoming price movement to be uncertain.

The easiest and most secure way to buy Wax tokens is here on CoinDCX. We are the leading cryptocurrency exchange in India where you can buy-sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with ease. Our exchange is built to provide a unique user experience within a secured platform. You can buy Wax tokens in minutes at affordable prices without any haze.

Additionally, funding from Blockdream will support the development of the WAXex exchange, which will specifically list the native tokens of play-to-earn video games that are built on the WAX blockchain. This will make it easier for new blockchain-based games to enter the market, as developers often struggle to get gaming tokens listed on reputable exchanges without a large existing userbase.

The first thing we propose you is to buy ETH on Bit2Me. Why ETH and not another crypto? With Ethereum you will have subsequent access to a multitude of tokens in the next step. To buy ETH on Bit2Me follow the steps below:

If the token you want to buy, in this case WAXP, is not found in the DEX, you can use some blockchain scanning tool, such as and look for the smart contract direction of the blockchain.

Users have the option to tokenize assets and form guilds to accept unique collectibles, issuing tokens redeemed by the owner to settle the transaction. The owner can trade tokens for other digital assets on the WAX platform.

The platform is available worldwide, with anyone being able to create guilds. So, we can look at WAX tokens as utility tokens for facilitating secure, low-cost, and trustless trades through the WAX trading platform.

WAX relies on its WAXP token for several functions on its platform. The WAX management team allocated WAXP using two token sales. The first ICO in 2017 raised WAX $45.5 million through the sale of 520 million WAXP tokens. This sale occurred over two rounds, with public participants and institutional investors participating in the sale.

A few months later, in November 2017, a public ICO sold 136.9 million WAXP tokens. The sale generated a further $9.6 million for WAX blockchain development. There is a total supply of 1,850,000,000 WAXP generated during the genesis of the WAX blockchain. After the launch of the WAX blockchain mainnet, users can swap their original ERC20 WAX tokens for WAX tokens native to the new WAX blockchain.

Before its ICO, the WAXP token attracted significant demand from VCs like HyperChain Capital, Pantera Capital, and Fenbushi Capital, expressing interest in the WAX project. The Ethereum co-founder, Anthony Di Iorio, invested in WAXP, and talented game developers Brian Fargo and Dave Anthony invested in the project, as did industry titan Mike Novogratz.

The WAX project was initially built in the Ethereum blockchain. However, the development team ported it to EOS in a modified format. As a result of this design, the original ERC-20 WAXP tokens were swapped for a new standard after the main-net launch.

Therefore, users on both chains reaped advantages. Users can accumulate NFTs tokenized with ERC-721 and ERC-1155 utility coins, trading them on the WAX platform without the need to pay outlandish gas fees. All network fees get transferred to the WAX community.

If successful, this project marks WAX as one of the first public blockchains adopting the 4th-generation economic model. This model sees the value of tokens tied to the economic activity across interconnected blockchains, with each blockchain chosen for optimum useability and performance.

This pool collects cash from the WAX blockchain indefinitely. WAXG token holders choosing to burn tokens in the WAX Economic Activity Pool earn a percentage of the ETH-denominated value in the Piggybank Pool.

The market of digital goods that is dominated by video games and tokenized consumer products is growing fast. However, trading world-widely is never easy. WAX is designed to unravel some issues in the digital goods market. The WAX blockchain creates a token-based economy that supports seamless global trading. With the system, all participants can benefit from the growth of digital goods market directly.

The WAX ICO (initial coin offering) raised $46,480,000 USD by selling 422545454.54545456 WAX tokens at a price of $2.05 USD. The WAX ICO began on November 15, 2017 and ended on November 29, 2017. Key team members during the WAX ICO included William Quigley, John Brechisci, Jr., and Jonathan Yantis.

Users willing to participate in WAX tokenomics need to burn their WAXP tokens in order to get WAXE through the Ethereum bridge. They will then need to stake the WAXE tokens on the Ethereum distribution contract.

WAXG is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 governance token that is distributed to WAXE stakers. The distribution is based on a set timetable and is proportionate to the percentage of the WAX Economic Activity pool. The token holders can govern the allocation and distribution of economic value on the platform as a result.

The WAX Economic Activity pool is a smart contract that accumulates a percentage of generated WAX fees and can be converted into ETH for distribution to WAXE stakers. It can also be given to WAXG token holders that decide to burn the tokens they already have.

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The worldwide asset exchange known as WAX is one of the popular virtual currencies and most used layer-1 blockchain ecosystems globally, especially for non-fungible tokens, dApps, and video games. WAX allows its investing users to create, buy, sell, and trade different items worldwide. Its launch date is 2017.

The WAX decentralized exchange allows customers to purchase goods with a global token. Traders can set up their marketplace in WAX, and the ecosystem will unite everyone and provide secured transactions and settlement services. The enormous liquidity of the system allows customers to buy the product at its best price.

This increases the scarcity of coins. Users can reclaim the staked tokens, and it will give rewards over time. WAX considers staking as a contribution to the blockchain; unlike other tokens, WAXP can be staked without a transaction fee. WAX holders have the voting power for the governance of the ecosystem.

The WAX tokenomics model meets the monetization capabilities of DeFi. The sale prices of virtual goods are listed in the WAX token. Suppose any item is listed in other currencies; in that case, it has to be converted into WAX cryptocurrency by means of a virtual currency converting mechanism to the current value at the time of purchase.

There are mainly three types of voting on WAX, guild voting to vote for guilds, proxy voting, and worker proposal voting. DApps developers also benefit from staking their WAX tokens because it helps them reserve the system resources. WAXP is flexible since it is swapped easily. ICO has raised around 9,600,000 dollars in value of WAX tokens.

Technical indicators and market sentiment for the token are negative, and there is no confirmation of an immediate price rise in the near future. Still, aggressive traders can wait to bounce back from the mentioned support levels and take an appropriate entry for the short term.

WAXP token will be considered a profitable investment option due to multiple factors like the huge community, strong fundamentals, integrations with other institutions, etc. Based on our WAXP price forecast, the coin value might reach the lowest price of $0.15. According to our analysis-based price predictions, the maximum value of the WAXP token might hit $0.20.

The maximum predicted price of WAX is $0.22. Due to the plunge of the cryptocurrency world and other reasons, the token is expected to bounce to the resistance level only. This means WAX cryptocurrency cannot be considered a good investment as compared to other cryptocurrencies based on our WAX price prediction. The profit gains are very minimal. 041b061a72




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