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Buy Urban Fiction Books Wholesale

Supports self-published and first-time authors, specializing in urban authors. Specialized genres: Urban books and African American authors. Website: E-mail:

buy urban fiction books wholesale

An independent, full-service sales, marketing, and distribution company serving book publishers from around the world. Specialized genres: Non-fiction, fiction, and children's titles. Website: E-mail:

The world's largest wholesale distributor of books, recorded media and sidelines related to the subject areas of Spirituality, Metaphysics, Natural Alternative Wellness, and Conscious Living. Specialized genres: Spiritual, metaphysics, natural alternative wellness, and conscious living. Website:

Britain's leading independent book and DVD wholesale distributor of books, eBooks, music and film. Specialized genres: Variety. Website: E-mail:

Distributes globally to an extensive mix of UK and overseas customers, including booksellers, wholesalers, institutions and members of the public. Although they tend to deal directly with booksellers, they do receive orders and queries from individuals. Specialized genres: Variety. Website: E-mail:

A leading wholesaler that supplies books into all States and Territories and specializes in Cooking, Children's, Style and Design, Quirky, Gift, Stationery, Gardening, Health and Mind, Body, Spirit. Specialized genres: Cooking, children's, style and design, quirky, gift, stationery, gardening, health and mind, body, and spirit. Website:

A leading publisher and distributor of technical, business, travel and trade nonfiction books in Australia. Specialized genres: Technical, business, travel and trade nonfiction books. Website: E-mail:

An award winning, Canadian-owned book wholesale and distribution company offering full-service Canadian distribution to over 150 independent and specialty publishing houses worldwide. Specialized genres: Variety. Website: E-mail:

Spirituality books serve as a compass on our paths to spiritual discovery. Religious organizations often order wholesale books from this category as gifts for their members or event attendees. No matter your religion or belief system, you'll find the books you need to guide the spiritual journey's of your organization here. Browse below to see our most popular spirituality books in bulk, or use the search bar to find something specific. You can also request a quote for any titles not listed online.

Joanna is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over 30 books, selling more than 600,000 copies in 162 countries and five languages. Her catalog includes non-fiction that helps aspiring authors write and publish books, and thriller fiction under the name J.F.Penn. She is also an award-winning podcaster, entrepreneur, and professional speaker.

Book wholesaler: A company that buys large quantities of books from publishers and sells them to bookstores, institutions, and libraries. Wholesalers usually get volume discounts from publishers and can pass on a portion of that savings to their customers.

Sister Souljah was following in the tradition of Black storytellers before her. A closer look at the origins of urban fiction reveals the genre as a foundational part of the Blaxploitation era, confessional-style gangsta rap, and drug cinema that turned films like Paid in Full and Belly into cult classics, and by examining that history, we can trace it to one of the dominant influences on contemporary pop culture even now. 041b061a72




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