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Stephen Shirodkar
Stephen Shirodkar

Session Horns !!INSTALL!! Free Download

Native prevented download of Session Strings (29GB). It says: Please free additional 26GB. Because a total of 79GB is required for the download/installation. My mac is pretty loaded but still has 108GB available. Before Session Strings I downloaded Session Horns which has same size and it worked fine (onto my external SSD). Now suddenly there seems to be not enough space! How is that possible?

session horns free download


I was soooo close finishing all downloads via NA! I put everything that was not required on my external SSD. Even installing session horns worked fine (same size). Everything went on my external SSD so it's impossible that free space on my Macintosh HD became less!

If you set up the download and install locations to your external hard drive and followed these steps: Native Access Error Message: "Installation has been prevented. You do not have enough free drive space to install the products." and it's still not working for you, then Native Access 2 is the way to go, or contact my colleagues but keep in mind it's the busiest time of the season so their reply times are a bit higher. _install




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