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Mabel - Mad Love (Lyrics)

Mabel wrote the song with a nightclub setting in mind and experimented with the simplest way to express mutual romantic liking without being boring.[1][2] She cites the lyric "Mad love" as the "spark of the song" with it being one of her personal catchphrases, and "Put it / Don't let me down, do-do-down" as one of the lines that came first during the process.[2] Mabel took a strong liking to this line, finding it catchy, sassy and confident, thus using it in every section of the song. It was also important to her that "Mad Love" empowered women. In an interview for Genius, the singer explained: "I grew up in an era of listening to 'Independent Women' and 'Survivor' and had songs that made me feel powerful as a woman, and I could do anything. And I'm always thinking that I want to send that message."[2]

Mabel - Mad Love (Lyrics)

The most challenging part of the writing process for Mabel was the simple chorus because of her preference for writing verses and her tendency to overthink lyrics and tell a story. She said, "It's literally just, 'All night give me mad love. All night give me mad love. All night give me mad love.' That's it. I feel so proud of that chorus just because it's so different to anything else I've ever done."[2] The song was recorded at Rokstone Studios in London.[3] 041b061a72


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