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Roman King
Roman King

Download 023 JPG

The prologue and chapter figures are available for download, in high resolution JPG format. Figures from this report are in the public domain and may be used with proper attribution to source. Refer to the citation information for reproduction.

Download 023 JPG

The images below are a selection of public domain images (.jpg) available for quick reference and download. To search the entire online database of digital photographs from the Roosevelt Library archives click here.

Instructions: Click any thumbnail to open a larger image in a new window. To download, right-click on any image and select "Save Picture As." Suggested credit line for all images: "Courtesy of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library archives." For additional caption information for each image view the full captions page.

As I've said before - when I started digital photography I couldn't stand the way digital photos looked, and I needed a workflow that allowed me to achieve the best results quickly so that I could get back into the field. I've combined each of my 3 packs of Lightroom Presets into this bundle, with 47 presets total. Each photo on this page was a simple one click edit after setting my exposure and white balance in Lightroom. Presets are available for instant download via email after purchase. Lightroom 3, 4, 5, 6, and CC compatible. If you are running Lr 7.3 or later you will get an automatic prompt to convert these into .xmp files. 041b061a72




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