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Facebook 3.3 Free Download For Android

At their mobile event facebook revealed a new version of the Facebook for iPhone app as well as for android.This new version brings support for Places, Groups and Improved Notifications. Also some bug fixes were solved.Facebook last made a major update to its iPhone app when it launched Places, and fixed a few bugs with a release in September.

facebook 3.3 free download for android


Here is a fast and easy solution for your picture resizing needs. Photo & Picture Resizer never reduce the quality of images; it simply works on the adjustment of image size to get the desired file size. You can send your resized pictures directly to web forms, Instagram, emails, Facebook and even via text messages. This application is available for free to all android users; however, you may find many in-app purchase options. It makes resizing process quite easier with a user-friendly interface where users do not even need to save resized images manually; they are saved automatically to separate folders in your handset. Few unique features of this app are the abilities to define custom photo resolution, browse images by gestures and direct social media sharing.

All these apps are loaded with several impressive features and offer compatibility with almost all latest android phones. So, you can choose your platform easily to start editing your heavy images instantly and share them on social media to impress your friends online. Although free versions of apps are also featured rich, you may have to compromise for annoying ads so make a wise decision to find the best image compressor tool.

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