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Muted Trumpet 02 WAV

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Muted Trumpet 02 WAV

Trumpet parts of the First Beat Brass range have also been recorded on Silent Stage equipment. A special "instrument" feature was added to the library which allows you to link the "organs" recording with parts of the string section. This is great for creating parts or experimenting with part colouring to enhance the sound. The sound has been recorded with vintage microphones, and where available, the "room" sound has been simulated to create a realistic ambience. The material is comprised of authentic, well-balanced and well-tuned trumpets, plus cymbals, woodwind and strings.

This practice mute is perfect for playing loudly in a studio and recording, or quieter at home, practice rooms or in a car. It is the perfect practice mute for all students, aspiring musicians, professional musicians or those starting to learn how to play the trumpet.

This set of 6 different practice mute for trumpet provide you with a variety of soundscapes, from light and sweet, to heavy and thrilling, depending on how you use them and on the settings selected in your mixer. In the same way that one can use a wide range of instruments in the studio, a silent practice mute can be used in all situations, be it in a concert hall, in the studio, the car or practice rooms. The mutes are designed and built with a highly refined response curve, deep bass, good upper mids and crisp highs, and a fast response time to create instant sound transitions and fade-ins. The mute is controlled with a footswitch to ensure a stable response, as well as a high power, low resistance variable range switch which allows fine adjustment of the response. 3d9ccd7d82




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