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Stephen Shirodkar
Stephen Shirodkar

GoG Giveaway: Tower Of Time For FREE _HOT_

Ghost of a Tale is offered for free (instead of around $25) in the simplest of forms until December 15, 2022. There are no requirements from GOG to get the game for free other than registering on in order to add the free product to your cart, before being able to download it straight away, or at anytime, for good. The free game can be found at _of_a_tale

GoG Giveaway: Tower of Time for FREE

Everyone loves free games. Steam has a hefty collection of them, but some places offer titles for only a limited amount of time. Epic Games gives away multiple games a week. Amazon's Prime Gaming subscription service has new titles each month. But if you're not paying attention, you'll lose out on a PC game you could have kept forever.

GoG already has a pretty impressive collection of games they offer for absolutely free, but pretty frequently, they have a game up for grabs that you can claim for nothing. This is pretty random and is generally time-limited!

Yes, they are free forever if you "purchase" them during the free period. You just have to navigate to the game during the specific free date range and click on the purchase button right below the name of the game. The game will be available for installation in your library at anytime.

No, you don't need to install the game to get credit for it. Once you click on the purchase button, you will run through the standard process of purchasing a game but it will be free. You do not have to install it, and it will be available for download anytime afterwards.

As part of its Winter Sale promotion, GOG is giving away Metro: Last Light Redux for free. You just need to log into your GOG account and claim it, then you can keep the game forever. As the definitive version of Metro: Last Light, rebuilt in the latest iteration of the 4A Engine, this survival shooter was released back in August 2014. It includes all previously released DLC, adding 10 hours of bonus single-player content to the huge solo campaign. If you haven't tried it yet, now it seems to be a good time to experience the life in post-apocalyptic Moscow. 350c69d7ab




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