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Revit Live 2011 Crack File Only 64 Bit

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Revit Live 2011 Crack File Only 64 Bit

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That is efficient enough for me. As said, it is slower if you are forced to perform your debugging in a large Revit model that takes a long time to load, of course.Another partial work-around that I very seldom use is to run Revit inside of the Visual Studio debugger with my project opened, like normal. If I really want to edit some of the source files and continue debugging at the same time, I open the same project once again in another instance of Visual Studio. Several workarounds have been proposed for reloading an add-in to debug, dynamically loading a plug-in from a byte array in memory instead of a file on the hard disk,and using the Revit Python shell.Alternatively, and officially supported, you can make use of VSTA,converting the code you are currently working on, i.e. actively debugging and editing, to a VSTA macro.VSTA will allow you to debug, edit and retest the code without having to restart Revit or reload the model.The Revit API DevTV Part 2 shows how to use 'Attach to Process' in Visual Studio instead of starting Revit from the Visual Studio debugger to edit your code and continue debugging within the same Revit session. Unfortunately, on the 64 bit OS, there is also a limitation in Visual Studio itself which does not support the Edit and Continue functionality on that platform at all.I already pointed out repeatedly that the Add-In Manager allows you to unload and reload an add-in without restarting Revit.For more details, please refer to the Add-In Manager help file.In its Revit 2012 incarnation, it is by default installed as"C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Add-In Manager for Autodesk Revit 2012\AddInManagerHelpENU.chm"It states the following:Change the way of developing and debugging add-insUsually, when developing and debugging an add-in with the Revit API, user has to close & re-open Revit each time he/she modifies the add-in code and wants to re-compile. But with Add-In Manager 2011, user can modify and run the add-in directly without closing & re-opening Revit again and again (find more details from Develop & Debug add-ins with Add-In Manager).However, it does not seem possible to edit code while debugging a Revit add-in even if it is loaded using the Add-In Manager:




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