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Buy Polar Watch

Polar Pacer Pro is an ultra-light, new-generation sports watch with integrated barometer that equips athletes with advanced tools to improve running economy, training sessions, and sports performance.

buy polar watch

An all-round multisport & running GPS watch for anyone who loves setting new records. Polar Vantage M is a slim, lightweight training companion that gives you all the data you need to improve your performance.

Polar OH1+ is an optical heart rate monitor that combines versatility, comfort and simplicity. You can use it both as a standalone device and pair it with various fitness apps, sports watches and smart watches, thanks to Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity.

Above is straight-on, but you can see the display differences more easily at-angle, where the newer display is crisper and the blacks are darker/sharper. Taking comparative display photos is always tough, because the camera is essentially exposing properly for only one watch at a time.

This section is all about the basic usability, things like step/activity tracking, sleep tracking, and basic usability of the watch. By and large, nothing in this section has changed on this watch in many years of Polar watches. You can pick and choose any one to compare it to, and this stuff has basically remained stagnant (more on that at the end of the review).

On the strap side, the unit comes out of the box with a not-quickly-removable-strap. However, in the box was the Polar Shift adapter, which basically gives you a standard watch strap mount to connect your own straps to:

At the end of the test, it said my VO2Max was 48. Generally speaking, when I test (either lab or on other watches), I float in the 58-61 range. So, this was substantially lower than that. Massively lower.

And then here in deeper woods, both the Descent G1 and Polar Pacer units were offset from the track. Albeit, the Garmin Instinct 2 did stay on-trail, which is notable because in theory the Descent G1 and Instinct 2 are the same watch under the covers.

I'd argue the Polar OH1 Plus is the best optical HR sensor out there. So while it might seem odd to get this when your watch also has a optical HR sensor, this one is just better most of the time. Plus, it also has workout recording storage. Dual ANT+/Bluetooth.

The Polar Verity Sense is the newer variant of the Polar OH1 Plus. And while it might seem odd to get this when your watch also has a optical HR sensor, this one is just better most of the time. Plus, it also has workout recording storage. Dual ANT+/Bluetooth.

Polar website advertises that this watch also has a race time predictor. Something that keeps me still using Coros Pace 2 as second watch when running. Was waiting when Polar comes with this. Is it somewhere in menus?

I still use a polar M430 and am relatively happy with it, even though I would appreciate a fresher look and new features (and slightly better battery life). I recently tried the Coros Pace 2, but at least in my case the accuracy of the HR sensor was disappointing, compared to the M430. I ended up returning the Pace 2 and continuing with the M430.

can see you were being extremely kind in trying to rescue Polar with your Wrap-Up. I hope Polar does not forget there are leisure runners like me who are happy with the Ignite level of fitness/running watch.

Hey Ray, Thanks for reviewing this unit! Currently in the market for a new watch (In Garmin 935 currently) and mostly needing an upgrade for better battery life (for the occasional 100 mile run). After reading your review, it seems like this Pacer can punch near the Coros Apex Pro. Would you agree? The Apex just went on sale for $399, and the boxes I am looking to check for a new watch are battery life, ability to run custom workouts (mainly just various distance or time intervals), ability to follow an uploaded route. Sounds like the Polar software is pretty solid as well, so is there anything that makes the Apex 100 dollars better than the Pacer?

There are many different types of GPS fitness watches from various companies. So why choose Polar? Polar watches are particularly great for runners. The company couples useful training and recovery tools with some of the most accurate wrist-based heart rate sensors you can find.

Polar watches also feature excellent build quality and competitive pricing. Within the wearables market, they compete most directly with devices from Garmin, and other brands aimed at athletes looking for a feature-packed training companion.

Intended for adventurers, the device also boasts military-grade durability, as well as a Saphire glass lense. Similar to the original, the watch offers about 40 hours of battery life or up 100 hours in battery-saving mode. Unfortunately, it still utilizes the same heart rate sensor as its predecessor which we found to be just okay in terms of performance.

Q: Are Polar watches water-resistant?A: The Polar Vantage V2 and Grit X Pro have a water resistance rating of WR100. The Polar Vantage V has a water resistance of WR50. The Polar Vantage M2 and Insight 2 have a rating of WR30.

Q: Can I store music on my Polar watch?A: You cannot store music on Polar watches. However, with the exception of the Polar Vantage V, all of the watches listed above do offer on-wrist music controls.

Q: What is Polar HR broadcasting?A: Some Polar watches allow users to broadcast heart rate data to third-party apps and devices such as bicycle computers. All of the watches in this list offer this feature.

Designed to perform under pressure yet made to keep up with your body's changing needs, Polar heart rate monitors and heart rate watches allow you to adapt your watch to your training plan -- not the other way around. You get precise measurements, accurate data, and great features that can do training and meet your wellness goals even easier.

Many consider the best Polar watches to be on par with similar wearables from Garmin and Suunto. And while some recreational exercisers might opt for Fitbits, Polar offers a range of health and fitness watches to cater for a wide variety of uses, from the beginner-friendly Unite to the all-in-one multisport watch Vantage V2. We collected, tested, reviewed and ranked all Polar watches worth considering these days.

You'll find more than one Polar wearable in T3's best running watch and best triathlon watch guides. Polars are keenly priced and boast excellent build quality, precise sensors, and fine-tuned algorithms, among other health and wellness features. Although the best Garmins and best Fitbits are generally more prevalent than Polar watches, that doesn't take away from the fact that there are a lot of fans of the Finnish manufacturer. Speaking of Garmin, we compared the two brands here: Garmin vs Polar. You can also read about the best Suunto watches.

The Pacer Pro can sometimes feel dated, especially its user interface, which hasn't changed for a long time. Not to mention, there are other running watches that A) are cheaper or B) offer more features for the same money as the Pacer Pro. On the bright side, the Pacer Pro is a decent mid-range multisport watch, so if you're on the market for one of those, by all means, get this watch.

The Polar Vantage V2 is a watch of many qualities. Its built quality is excellent, and a step up from the original Vantage V. It has loads of useful tests and data for serious runners, cyclists and triathletes to better their form and get ready for races more efficiently. Better still, most of the tests and data provided by the Vantage V2 can't be found elsewhere, making the watch all the more appealing for information-thirsty athletes.

Is there a reason why you shouldn't get the Polar Vantage M2? Admittedly, if you need a hardcore running watch, you might find the Vantage M2 a tad too fashion-watch-like. To clarify, it isn't one, but Polar is undoubtedly trying to make the Vantage M2 more appealing to smartwatch users by offering specific colour variants (looking at you, Champagne/Gold Vantage M2). However, you'll find a clever multisport watch under the hood that can effectively help you get better in whatever sport you practice. 041b061a72




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