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Need for Speed Most Wanted: A Review

Need for Speed Most Wanted is a racing video game that offers an open-world experience and a thrilling storyline. The game was developed by EA Canada and EA Black Box and published by Electronic Arts in 2005. It is the ninth installment in the Need for Speed series and one of the most popular and critically acclaimed games in the franchise.


The game features a variety of licensed cars that can be customized and upgraded with performance parts and visual enhancements. The player can choose to race in different modes, such as circuit, sprint, drag, lap knockout, speedtrap, and tollbooth. The game also has a free roam mode, where the player can explore the city of Rockport and find hidden items, such as shops, markers, and pursuit breakers.

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The main mode of the game is the career mode, where the player assumes the role of an unnamed street racer who arrives in Rockport with a BMW M3 GTR. The player challenges the members of the Blacklist, a group of 15 notorious racers who rule the streets of Rockport. The player must defeat each Blacklist member in a series of races and milestones to earn their car and reputation. However, the player also has to deal with the police, who will chase and arrest the player if they are caught speeding or breaking the law. The player can use various tactics to evade the police, such as hiding, ramming, or using pursuit breakers.


The game's story revolves around the rivalry between the player and Razor Callahan, the leader of the Blacklist. Razor challenges the player to a race for their BMW M3 GTR, but sabotages their car before the race. Razor wins the race and takes the player's car, while the player is arrested by Sergeant Cross, a corrupt cop who hates street racers. The player is bailed out by Mia Townsend, an undercover agent who works for an unknown organization. Mia helps the player to get a new car and advises them to climb up the Blacklist and challenge Razor again.

The player eventually defeats all the Blacklist members and earns their respect. The player also learns that Razor has been using their BMW M3 GTR to become the most wanted racer in Rockport. The player challenges Razor to a final race for their car and their title. The race is interrupted by Cross, who leads a massive police pursuit against both racers. The player manages to outrun Cross and Razor and reclaim their car. However, Mia reveals herself to be an undercover cop who was working for Cross all along. She arrests Razor and tries to arrest the player as well, but they escape with their car. The game ends with the player being chased by Cross and his SWAT team on a bridge.


Need for Speed Most Wanted received positive reviews from critics and players alike. The game was praised for its graphics, sound, gameplay, customization, and story. The game was also noted for its realistic physics, dynamic weather, and immersive environment. The game sold over 16 million copies worldwide and won several awards, such as Best Racing Game from IGN and GameSpot. The game also spawned a sequel, Need for Speed: Carbon, which was released in 2006.


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