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Geordie Shore : Season 14 Episode 8

The seventh series of the show began airing on 17 September 2013 and concluded on 22 October 2013, consisting of six episodes. Shooting was suspended when Holly and Vicky were both arrested on a night out for assault during filming.[38] On 12 July 2013, Sophie was axed from the show after exhibiting offensive behaviour on the night when Holly and Vicky were arrested.[39] Holly Hagan was cleared on 21 August 2013.[40] Marnie Simpson, the cousin of Sophie, joined the show for this season. Jay Gardner also made another one-off return during this series. After the series, on 15 December 2013, in a bid to reach Christmas number one, Gaz released his debut single which features vocals from The Risk, who previously featured in the eighth series of The X Factor.[41]

Geordie Shore : Season 14 Episode 8

Series 11 was shot in Greece.[55] At 10 episodes, it was the longest season to date. Cast member Kyle Christie departed the series after four seasons. The cast had traveled to Zante, Malia, Ios, Santorini, Mykonos, and Athens for the series.[56] 041b061a72


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