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Mark Cubans Powerful Hoverboard Hits The Market [NEW]

Radical Transport had just gotten its first hoverboard prototype working in February 2016 when the nascent market faced a potentially game-ending crisis: some of the first hoverboards, made by other companies, had begun catching fire.

Mark Cuban’s Powerful Hoverboard Hits the Market

Nick Fragnito and Evan Williams, the founders of Radical Transport, weren't overly concerned though. They knew their board, the Radical MOOV, would be going after a different market. And they had Mark Cuban's wallet and strategy team behind them.

Content marketing consultant Ryan Robinson often contacts businesses to offer his services. Before ever making his pitch, he finds something of value to give to the prospect, such as a share on Twitter. He then includes what he did for the recipient in his pitch.

Ceballos-Crump largely connected with customers through social media marketing and direct consumer events on frequent trips from Chicago to Philadelphia, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Washington, DC. As sales and distribution increased, Honey Baby Naturals soon landed in more than 400 retail stores, including Target and Meijer. In 2018, the brand is expanding to 1,600 locations, including Sally Beauty, Walmart, RiteAid, and CVS.

Chen, however, has been issued U.S. Patent No. 8738278, entitled Two-Wheel, Self-Balancing Vehicle with Independently Movable Foot Placement Sections. It claims a two-wheel, self-balancing vehicle having two foot placement sections coupled to each other and independently movable, two wheels in parallel spaced apart from each other and associated with either foot placement section, and then control logic that drives each wheel toward self-balancing their respective foot placement sections in response to sensor data. Diagrams attached to the patent show a hoverboard that is remarkably similar to the other products that are being attached to such recognizable celebrity names as Justin Bieber or Wiz Khalifa.

Some people are great at developing technology. Other people are great at implementing technology. Still others are great at copying technology. Others are great at marketing a business. There are those that are great a generating profits. However, there are very few that do all (or most) of the above. Patents are about protecting (and incentivizing) that those develop technology.

I got asked what I thought about Walmart entering the hover board market. I said it would be a nightmare. Nothing more. Nothing less. Someone then decided that comment was a threat to sue Walmart. You chose to continue that line of thought

But why are so many teens scrambling to become Gen Z experts and youth marketers instead of say, bussing tables, lifeguarding, babysitting or occupying any number of entry-level jobs held by previous generations?

Ishan Goel, an 18-year-old in Dallas, agrees. He launched his own Instagram marketing agency in sixth grade by creating a website and outsourcing work to other teens he found on freelance service marketplace Fiverr.

Angie Read is a 46-year-old mother of three Gen Z kids aged 18, 16 and 13. Recently, with 20 years of marketing experience under her belt, she decided to pivot to becoming a Gen Z expert. She is in the process of co-authoring a book on Gen Z. She also blogs on her site, GenZmom, and spends her days helping brands appeal to the type of teenagers that she goes home to every night.

Influencer marketing has become a hot button topic in the world of how to conduct viral marketing campaigns. Not only does everyone want to work with influencers but the market has become flooded with people trying to become their own influencer in the space or craft they specialize in. Considering how crowded the the influencer landscape has gotten can make things quite confusing to navigate.

I think this story in particular can demonstrate to entrepreneurs that oftentimes creating more simple marketing campaigns for your company can end up producing the largest results. If young entrepreneurs can keep in mind some of the concepts and strategies above they should be able to see some of their own companies go viral, but for all the right reasons!

Millions of people are searching and catching Pokemon left and right, but this time in the most realistic fashion to date using their cell phones. Pokemon figures are coming to life through the new mobile augmented reality approach. This new approach is allowing people to discover Pokemon in places like their living room, kitchen, local parks, super-markets and more.

5. Augmented reality is the future. - Pokemon's use of augmented reality is perfect timing. This industry is emerging and people are steadily beginning to recognize the power this technology industry offers. Pokemon recognizes the future of this technology and the place it will have in society. They are simply tapping augmented reality early on knowing that the future is promising, and so that they can be considered a market leader in the space.

6. They're tech savvy - With its latest capturing of the augmented reality trend, Pokemon is demonstrating again how their continued use and leveraging of advanced technology will continue to keep them at the top. They were one of the first massively popular games for Game Boy Color when it came out and saw the potential of this early innovation from Nintendo. Now they're doing the same thing with augmented reality. The best part is that they have all the tech resources and manpower in the world to expand their capabilities so that they can keep pace with demand or market changes that come with this emerging industry.

Why so? What is it about these fad products that brings about their immediate rise to the top, followed by sudden disappearance in the marketplace? How could something get so popular and in such a short time period become almost non-existent?

1. Confusion Of The Marketplace: Consumers after just a couple months were being offered hundreds of Hoverboard options to choose from. The overwhelming number of options simply confused consumers into not knowing which device to purchase. Every single Hoverboard looked identical. For many consumers this completely turned them off from the product because it raised many questions. Which one is best? Which one is safest? What are the differences between PhunkeeDuck, Sky Walker, IO Hawk and various other brands? These questions I believe ultimately resulted in many consumers purchasing a different kind of personal transportation device altogether. Why risk $1,500 or $300 on a product that has all these question marks? Alternatively consumers could find a product that had been in the marketplace longer, looked equally as fun, and had been vetted by past consumers allowing you to make an educated buying decision.

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